J.Lo’s New “Booty” Video is hypnotic

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J.Lo’s New “Booty” Video is hypnotic

Watch J.Lo the queen of ‘booty’ along with Iggy Azalea celebrate the backside, ass man, 2014 is your year!  The booty that made J.Lo so very famous is still wonderfully hypnotic to watch. J.Lo has still got it. She still holds the title of queen of the booty.

During this intense 4 minutes video you’ll see both J.Lo and Iggy Azalea jiggling, bouncing, gliding and twerking. Trust us it gets very racy as J.Lo and Azalea gyrate, pose seductively, butt bump,pat rears in high leg, sexy bodysuits and booty slathered with oil.. You won’t be able to look away.To J.Lo’s credit she does warn her audience from the beginning to be prepared for ‘ maximum impact’.

In “Booty” J.Lo, 44, sings: “Let me show you how to do it.” And she does! This might be J.Lo’s sexiests video ever.

In “Booty” J.Lo wears two sexy outfits. In black and white leggings, a red crop-top and a printed cap, J.Lo croons “Go grab a man and bring him to the dance floor.” “The last time the world seen a booty this good, it was on Jenny from the block,” boasts Azelea during her guest rap, before giving J.Lo’s behind a friendly slap .
No argument there!!

This video is homage to butts, watch for yourself.


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