The Age Of The Butt Nearing The End

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 The Age Of The Butt Nearing The End

The booty has enjoyed a lot of attention in the past decade.  Ample bottom women like J.Lo, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have and are setting the standard for sex appeal.

However, according to Pornhub and their recent batch of analytics, found in  Pornhub Insights, unveiled a decline of  the searches for butt stuff  with younger millennials.

According to their data, which gathers and analyzes users search terms and behaviors across the site, our relationship with anal is interesting. Over the past six years, Pornhub reports a steady increase in butt-related searches. Worldwide, it’s up 78% since 2009. When looking at the different age groups search habits one result stands out.



As displayed in the chart above, the searches for butt stuff are declining with the millennials, ages 18-24, by 33%. Curious because this stats contradict some of the millennials behaviour that made worldwide news. Remember the woman who was photographed receiving a rimjob from a man in the middle of a crowd in a music festival? Which bystanders posted photos of it to social media?

Maybe the younger millennials have no need to search for something they are getting plenty of.


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