Kindergarten Programme – Curriculum & Planning

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Kindergarten Programme – Curriculum & Planning

The Kindergarten programme has a sensitive and caring environment that is supported by appreciative teachers for the little ones. This is a particular time and period for the little ones, the children and teachers together can make the learning personal and meaningful.

The Kindergarten environments offer an exceptional opportunity for learning in the early years of development and growth for the children. The collaborators and creators of the kindergarten programme; provide the right opportunities for the young inquisitive minds and encourage age-specific learning outcomes. There are different types of kindergarten programmes, based on the age group of the child. Let’s take a look at Kindergarten programme -curriculum & planning.

Different Types Of Kindergarten Programme

Typically, the kindergarten programmes are meant for the three- and four-years-old. It is normal for children to attend kindergarten before they start school.

  • For three-year-olds: The kindergarten programme for the three years olds is run in school kindergartens and day-care centres.
  • For four-year-olds: The ‘funded kindergarten’ necessitates 15 hours of attendance each week.

One should enrol their child for the kindergarten program in their area if their child is eligible. The curriculum is based as per the age and the learning outcomes that are age-specific.

Kindergarten Programme Curriculum

The curriculum of the kindergarten programme is designed to encourage playing and learning, also develop the motor skills of the kids. Any questions and discoveries by the young learners are welcomed with delight by the teachers. Teachers try to understand the social and cultural needs of each child and adjust to their emotional and cognitive needs. The Kindergarten programme curriculum; encourages a multicultural learning environment that promotes an active partnership between the school, the teachers, the children, and the parent community.

The all-encompassing curriculum focuses on skills of adaptability, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The activity-oriented and custom-created programme is based on multidisciplinary teaching approaches. The young minds are given ample opportunities to learn and express their intelligence at their own pace of readiness and interests. They are in contact with other students that provide them with a good company that children lack at home nowadays. The powerful learning skills rely on the natural curiosity and capacity to learn among the younger children and their openness to experience new things. Those early year programs nurture and support the innate capacities among the children and help to create a firm foundation.

The trained educator creates and provides a wide range of rich learning environments for the kids. Dedicated classrooms and carefully planned investigations support the learning of children. For example, explorations of drama, music, dance, and visual arts support the children’s explorations and add to their understandings in many ways. These dynamic environments provide a framework of knowledge, attitudes, and opportunities for the children. Carefully planned learning proposals by the teachers and assistants motivate the children to take action and learn easily.

Most of the kindergarten programmes are supported by the government, councils, and community groups. Check the website of the local council or state for the nearest kindergarten for the three or four-year-old children. Children need special support in the early years, also a caring and supportive learning environment can indeed provide these children with new opportunities for positive growth and development. The unique and individualised learning during the kindergarten years ensures deep classroom inquiries within a responsive classroom environment. The young children are allowed to develop at their own pace with cultivated collaboration, research, and social skills.

Parents and teachers should know that early childhood is the most critical time; that needs positive intervention for stronger growth and development. It is of great importance that parents put their child in a kindergarten programme at the right time and at the right place.


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