How to Know If You Need Help Losing Weight

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Healthy eating habits, regular workouts, and proper rest are all a part of the weight loss journey – but sometimes, even religious observance of restrictive diets and bucketfuls of gym sweat can fall short of the mark. After you’ve lost the first few pounds, the fat-busting path may become thorny, and milestones on it may get fewer and farther between. Nevertheless, slow slimming progress doesn’t mean you should forsake your ideal figure and settle for more pounds than you think is optimal for your build: sluggish weight loss just means that you could use help stepping up the fat shedding game.

The Missing Piece in the Weight Loss Puzzle

Weight loss occurs when the daily caloric intake drops below the daily energy expenditure. In an attempt to cover the difference between energy consumed and energy expended, the organism dips into fat stock. Noticing the point at which weight loss grinds to a halt is easy: you’re working out regularly and consuming fewer calories every day, and yet the scale keeps refusing to budge any lower. When the slimming journey grinds to a halt, it’s a sign that the time has come to whip out the big guns and nudge weight loss a step further.

Weightwatchers’ Weight Loss Companions

Whether you’re a new mom eager to get back into peak shape fast or just a couch potato who’s finally come round to the idea of a healthy BMI, there are a few things you can do to step up the weight loss journey should it wind up in a dead alley.

1. Training Partners in Weight Loss Crime

training partner

Solo gym workouts can be boring, and it’s easy to lose training motivation if you’re surrounded by people who look like Apollos and Venuses in the human form. It’s even easier to cheat your inner drill sergeant and cut the reps short on less than stellar days – if you’ve got only yourself to answer to, excuses are easy to find when you don’t feel like pulling your total weight on the treadmill. That’s where a training partner can be of help: a partner in gym crime will be your drill master who won’t let you off the hook lightly. Try teaming up with a fellow weightwatcher when workouts stop producing visible results: that way, you’ll get both a cheerleader and drill master to check in with or even compete against when at-gym going get tough.

2. Dietary System, the Professional Way

Crash diets are a shortcut to a weight loss disaster: they produce results relatively fast, but in most cases, reverting back to normal eating will lead to the ugly yo-yo effect. Instead of fussing with TDEE and counting calories over every meal, consult an expert nutritionist to devise a menu optimally suited to your current BMI and target weight. By doing this, you won’t end up starving yourself slim or falling into the trap of diet cheating sprees featuring all the wrong foods. Bonus points? Your dietician will be able to monitor your weight loss progress and make adjustments now and again to make sure your fat stock continues to dwindle as time goes by.

3. Custom-Designed Training Programs

Are you really pulling your weight in the fitness center? The only way to know is to hire a coach. In addition to ensuring you’re performing exercises properly, an experienced personal trainer will help you pick the best workouts for your body type and recommend diet adjustments which will get you into peak shape faster. In addition to that, the fitness instructor will custom-devise the training agenda to ensure steady weight loss that won’t compromise your health or cause motivation dips over sluggish performance or boring exercise routines.

Losing weight is not an overnight affair: it took you a while to put on those extra pounds, and it will take you time to burn them, too. Nevertheless, less than desired weight loss results should not be a reason for despair or loss of dieting motivation: they should be regarded as a sign that it’s time to go back to the drawing table and reconsider your menu and workouts, and perhaps even enlist experts to help you reach the finish line with minimal delay or stress.

Mathews McGarry

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life.
After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life.

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