10 Easy and Simple Weight Loss Tips

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10 Easy and Simple Weight Loss Tips

When trying to lose weight, you do not need to alter your lifestyle completely. There are various ways that can help you burn more fat faster. Just follow the simple rules below and you will be surprised at the silhouette you achieve after a short span. If your goal is to look better and to be healthier, now is the best time to follow these ten easy and simple weight loss tips!

1. Consider Working Out During the Morning Hours Abscond

According to a study carried out at the Mollen Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, 75% of people who exercise in the morning do it on a regular basis as compared to those who do it in the evening. This is attributed to the fact that during the morning hours there are very few excuses for one to avoid the practice.

2. Start with Strength Training Before Cardio

According to a scientific study by the University of Tokyo, individuals who did biking 20 minutes after weight lifting burned more fat than those who rested. In this case, a quick pre-cardio could help increase the rate at which your body loses fat. Intensive training causes arteries to stiffen thereby resulting in an increase in blood pressure.

To counter this, you will need a 20-minute cardio chaser to expedite the arteries’ recovery process. This is according to the Chicago Medical School’s chairman, Rohit Arora, MD. In addition, Kent Adams, PhD, director of the Exercise Physiology Lab at California State University in Monterey Bay, affirms that since it requires proper coordination and technique to gain more from the workout, a fresh beginning is very important.

3. Enhance Your Metabolism by Increasing Your Pace

Arthur Weltman, PhD, Exercise Physiology Laboratory (University of Virginia, Charlottesville) director asserts that high-intensity training enhances the discharge of growth hormones that help to assemble fat for energy generation. Moreover, it assists in metabolism maintenance by 10 -15% above the baseline.

This is important in the sense that it makes the body expend more fat some hours after towelling off. Thus, if you burned 300 calories during the workout, you will burn a bonus of 45 calories during rest. Sticking to a pace that seems challenging to you is the secret.

4. Avoid Sitting Too Much To Burn Fat Faster

Vonda Wright, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a member of the fitness advisory board, points out that when you run or walk; it’s the hip flexors, hamstrings, and calf muscles that experience the workout most. The glutes get worked up most when going up the hill.

However, if you skipped the butt-firming squats during a workout, you can easily do them when your friend isn’t watching. Rise from your seat, feet apart (shoulder-width); as if you want to sit, lower your bottom, and touch the ground.

5. Taking a Power Walk Helps Fight the Midday Boredom

10 Easy and Simple Weight Loss Tips

Research findings at the University of Georgia in Athens indicate a 20-minute low-intensity aerobic exercise like walking helps to increase your energy level by 20%. During this exercise, a professor of kinesiology, Patrick O’Connor, PhD, affirms that while there is uncertainty about the biological mechanism involved, indirect evidence shows that serotonin and dopamine (brain chemicals) are altered resulting in enhanced energy.

6. Do the Two-Steps

Ascending the stairs two at a time is good. The quick and powerful bursts help to activate the fast-twitch muscle fibres in your legs thereby burning more fats as compared to the slow-twitch fibres. Besides, by so doing you will be exposing the less utilized part of your muscles to some exercise[1].

7. Stretch Up

According to a Norwegian Knowledge Center for Health Services, Oslo study, stretching consistently helps to ease pain in your muscles. If you skipped your stretches after working out, ensure to wind up in this manner:

  • Give yourself a 5-minute brisk high-knee marching.
  • Do the toe-reach stretch that targets the hamstrings which remain abridged throughout the day while you are seated. Make sure you do three stretches for each side.
  • Side-stretch to improve your upper back and the waistline.

8. Get Your Sneakers Ready

10 Easy and Simple Weight Loss Tips- Get Your Sneakers Ready

According to Diane Klein, PhD, the chairperson of Exercise and Sports Sciences at Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, putting your sneakers in your exit path is a good reminder that you were supposed to go for a workout when you stumble on them.

9. Have Sufficient Sleep

Getting enough sleep helps a great deal. Studies indicate that people who sleep 6 to 7 hours a night gain fewer amounts of visceral fat in a span of 5 years as compared to those who sleep 5 or fewer hours a night.

10. Manage your Stress

Stress is part of life and you must learn how to go about it. Meditating, exercising, and staying with your family and friends can help fight stress. A stress-free mind will make you stay healthier [2] and be in a better position to make the right decisions. In this case, exercise does not only help burn fat but keeps obesity and stress at bay as well.


If your goal is to look better and to be healthier, now is the best time to follow a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight can be a struggle, but you can start with small steps.

Various approaches and methods can help you burn excess fat and keep an ideal weight. For instance, best diet plan and many forms of physical activities like exercise can go a long way in making it happen but supplementing with the right nutrients and fat-burning compounds can accelerate the process and ensure quicker results. The best weight loss supplements contain substances and extracts backed by science to speed up metabolism and burn excess fat.

Before trying any weight loss product, inspect the label to make sure that it contains the right ingredients. Phenocal is a top-rated weight control compound that can make you lose weight steadily, allowing you to obtain targeted and visible effects.

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