Which Diets Really Work ?

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Which Diets Really Work ?

On daily basis, there are new fad diets surfacing, but which ones are actually safe and healthy for you?  Which diets really work? There is a ton of confusing, often contradictory information about what diets work and which ones are healthy.

If you are thinking of giving a diet a go, but are really confused about which one to choose. It might be wise to watch this video from ASAP Science, it breaks down many of the misconceptions about various types of diets. They put a video together to show which diets are actually scientifically sound and actually work.

ASAP Science, explains how different categories of diets work, starting with calorie restriction diets. This type of diet focuses  weight loss by simply limiting the amount of energy you take in. If you follow this method, you could eat whatever you want, as long as you limit calories.

CRON (or Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition) diets, on the other hand, also aim to limit calories, but with a focus on getting the best nutrients you can from the food you eat. Under this kind of diet, you wouldn’t get most of your calories from junk food.

Next one is Carb restriction, many diets like Atkins or Zone diet suggest that carbs are the enemy. This diet believes that carbs that the body doesn’t need, the liver will convert it into  fat. However, for reasonably active and healthy people carbs are broken down into glucose and transported into the cells for energy and very little is turned into fat.

Check out the full video for a lot more information on high protein diets, or more risky total restriction diets.

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