The Next Doppelganger Found

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The Next Doppelganger Found

When Niamh Geaney met her first doppelganger; Karen, the video took social media by storm. Karen Branigan lives just an hour north of Dublin and the two girls met up, made their faces up exactly the same way, and had a photo-shoot. The resemblance was striking, these strangers looked like real life twins.

Strangers who look like twins

image credit: TwinStrangers

The video of them meeting went viral and has 7 million views on YouTube.

While Geaney’s first lookalike, Karen, lived only one hour away from Niamh, her second, new lookalike, Luisa Guizzardi, lives in Italy. Less than two months on,Niamh meets her second twin stranger. Niamh travelled to Italy to see her face mirrored on yet another stranger.

It’s freaky once again how similar they look as seen in the picture below. Again the girls did their makeup the same and got some photos taken. Scary, how two complete strangers can look so much alike.

The Next Doppelganger Found

Yet another outpouring of enthusiasm for the project, Greaney launched entitled

Niamh explains her project as a social phenomenon:

“It’s kind of like a social phenomenon. I think everyone is interested in finding their twin stranger . . . Everybody says we’re really unique and different — but how unique are we? I think people are really drawn to that,”

Niamh is still looking for her 5 other twin strangers, so if you know anyone else that looks like Niamh please do get in contact with TwinStrangers.



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