Office Design Trends of 2019

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 Office Design Trends of 2019

Office design is playing an integral role in business today, and the new era of workplace design continues to draw inspiration from not just the natural world but from people working within the built environment.

In a recently published 2019 office design trends report by Ambius, they highlighted macro and micro trends for modernizing the workplace. These are the office design trends of 2019 and the top 8 trends were highlighted as:

1. Macro Trend: Experience-Driven Spaces

This trend incorporates a host of characteristics, all of which orbit the “human potential” aspects of space optimization, the goal of which prioritizes the employee experience at work.

2. Macro Trend: Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces

 Office Design Trends of 2019 - Ambius

In the new Cohabitation spaces, the walls are coming down and allowing companies to share the same space, resources, and sometimes even talent.

3. Macro Trend: Old Meets New

The Old Meets New trends injects new life into fantastic old buildings, preserving the venerable craftsmanship built into the existing architecture, and bringing once dilapidated steel, brick structures, and warehouses back to life.

4. Macro Trend: Second Nature

 Office Design Trends of 2019 - greenery on the office walls

The Second Nature trend is a testament to the staying power of plants. This trend is reaching its true pinnacle, the point where “fashionable” has been transcended, and the trend becomes firmly embedded in the design philosophy of the culture.

5. Micro Trend: Moss Walls

Enter moss walls, the perfect green wall variation. This trend has numerous benefits from design versatility, low and no-light feasibility, ease of maintenance to cost savings.

6. Micro Trend: Abstract & Geometric Patterning

 Office Design Trends of 2019 - Abstract & Geometric Patterning in office

This trend is about workplace creativity and personality, which incorporates patterns, textures, warm and bold colours, dramatic statements, bold design elements, contrasting colours/black and white.

7. Micro Trend: Hand-crafted & Unique Containers

Expect to see more organic and earth-based products popping up in workspaces with this trend. Ambius design expert Laura Burns-Lambert stated “Woven baskets from Africa, clean-lined terracotta and modern ceramic containers, and hand-crafted wooden stands with one-of-a-kind vessels are just a few of the new-concept containers that are going to be everywhere soon enough.”

8. Micro Trend: Green Branding & Natural Cues

By integrating natural cues or accents into workspaces, companies are actualizing their mission statements and sustainability goals. Expect to see more living green walls with brand logo’s embedded and sustainably sourced furnishings.

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