Would You Have Sex On The First Date

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Would You Have Sex On The First Date

Simple Pickup, took to the street and asked both men and women the simple and infamous, recurring question that is in the back of every person’s mind in the dating world: “Would you Have Sex On the First Date?

How much has social expectations changed through the years? Can both women and men respond with the same honesty and freedom? Or does dating have a different motive for the sexes? As one male candidate says: “ it’s because of that really, why we go on dates, that’s our end goal.”

Through the course of the video we hear different men and women answer the question “ Would you Have Sex On the First Date?” with most women answering with a brief, certain and almost automatic– ‘NO’ response. One of the girls goes on to say “because then it’d be way too easy and there would be nothing else to figure out” Seems women to this day still hold off sex to keep their men keen. Also easy, attainable sex or casual sex seems to do away with respect. It seems that women would lose respect from men had they acted spontaneously on their sexual urge.

Men on the other hand seem very at ease with casual sex and it seems an act that is expected of them and one in which society judges them less on.

However, as times lapses some of the girls interviewed reveal that they too had in the past had a one-night stand. Casual sex was feasible if the other person concerned was not ongoing dating material but good for sex.

It seems people need to just relax and just learn to enjoy the moment. If the chance is there for a hookup, it’s safe and you are both happy to just explore, why not be spontaneous and stop worrying about what others think.

View below Simple Pickup video and see if you have the same answers or do have a different take. On the comments section below, leaves us your thoughts.

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