SNAP – assembly system for furniture

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SNAP – assembly system for furniture

SNAP, is an assembly system for furniture, with an innovative mechanism that allows you to design endless one-of-a-kind tables, TV stands, shelves, among others.

For instance, you can design a table from a dartboard, or even a bicycle wheel! It’s up to you how many legs a table must have. With SNAP, you decide and change the color, shape and material of your furniture whenever you please.

There is no need for tools or drilling holes. With the ease with which SNAP can be placed, you can create your own furniture in just a few seconds. SNAP adapts to the needs of everyone, anytime.

Create your furniture out of almost anything. Go to your garage and sort through your pile of junk and bring some of it back to life. Having some trouble thinking what possibly you could recycle to create your own signature furniture ?Look at the photos below for some inspiration:


At times it’s impossible to buy furniture that fits exactly into those small spaces in your house, and you wish you could find an easier solution then opting for a custom designed or handmade piece of furniture that will be expensive. SNAP will provide you with the easiest and least expensive answer. What you need is time and creativity.

SNAP is an assembly system that will enable you to design your space and change it whenever you want. You can transform any surface into a unique piece of furniture.




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