Spot a Liar Using Tricks Used by Experts

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Spot a Liar Using Tricks Used by Experts

No matter what industry you belong to, it’s always useful to have the skill of detecting a liar. Whether you’re a banker and you’re using 4506t verification tools to check for identity theft, or you’re an HR manager checking to see if the person you’re about to hire is lying about his record of employment it’s always useful to spot a liar.

So, if you want to know how to spot a liar, then heed the advice of those who spent their careers investigating liars – the CIA. Here are some effective ways to tell if a person is lying – spot a liar using tricks used by experts:

Taking a pause

Spot a Liar Using Tricks Used by Experts-Expert-Spot-a-Liar

A lot of so-called experts on spotting liars often say that the most effective way to detect if someone is lying is to look them in the eye and try the staring contest. But, we all know that some people are so adept in lying that they can play that game perfectly.

A person who’s used to lying is quite confident to look anyone in the eye and lie through their teeth. But, according to some CIA officers, the tell is in how you ask a question and how quickly the person answers. If the person you suspect is a habitual liar, you should ask him a question that will throw him off-balance.

If it takes him a few seconds to answer it means that he is trying to fabricate a story inside his head, which is why it’s taking him longer than usual to answer.

Covering the mouth

Spot a Liar Using Tricks Used by Experts-liar-sign-cover-mouth

Even though we think that all of our body parts are in sync all the time, our brains often betray what our mouths are spewing. This means that when a person lies, there can be a disconnect between what he is saying and what his body is showing.

You can see this when you’re speaking with a habitual liar, and he tends to cover his mouth when he’s telling a tall tale. That’s because our brains are designed to hide a lie. And when the person goes against the grain and tells a lie, the brain tries to stop it by telling the hand to cover the mouth.

Clearing the throat or swallowing

Spot a Liar Using Tricks Used by Experts-Liar-Clear-the-throat

It seems that nature has designed us to be truthful at all times because whenever we say something inaccurate, our bodies often betray us by exhibiting telltale signs. One particular sign is when a person clears his throat.

Whenever a person gets the urge to lie, the brain sends a signal to the rest of the body that makes it uncomfortable. The person fidgets, and for some reason, his throat starts to become dry. It’s the reason why one of the telltale signs a person is lying when he clears his throat or swallows before he answers a question.

Ask him to narrate a story backwards

Spot a Liar Using Tricks Used by Experts-liar-narrate-a-story-backwards

Most people, when they lie, start with the beginning of a story, then arrive at the end. But, if you ask a person to tell you the story by starting from the end and go backwards, that’s where liars often make a mistake.

It’s because fabricating a story is hard enough and having to narrate the fabricated story backward will be a tough mental exercise, which most liars will fail.

So, if you think that spotting a liar is important in your job, then use the methods above and start detecting deceivers in your midst.

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