The Basic Roles of a Bridesmaid

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The Basic Roles of a Bridesmaid

The honour that comes with being a bridesmaid is great; however, the responsibilities are even greater. Hence, a prospective bridesmaid must be ready to put in some work to have a successful experience for all involved. If you are in such a situation, the list below will give you a clear perspective on what you need to do to be the best bridesmaid for your bride. So, let’s get down to business.

1. Be a source of moral support

Let’s leave the practical roles for later; they are not as important as being the most reliable source of moral support for the bride. The nerves are always high in this situation; more reason you should step up and calm the bride. Help her feel at ease and knowing that everything is set to make her special day glorious.

Being a support system also means you will relate well with other bridesmaids throughout the preparation and the D-day. Be her listening ears and give excellent ideas and pieces of ideas. The day is hers, so do everything within your capacity to make it successful.

2. Make the Hens’ Night a success

Rather than going for the norm, which is boring anyway, introduce new and exciting ideas into the Hen’s night, customised to the preferences of your hen. From laser tag to cocktail making and life drawing, ensure that everyone gets involved and have fun in the process. Make arrangements for all the guests, including invitations, bookings, transportation, and planning fun hens party games.

3. Get the dress ready

You may need to go shopping for a wedding dress with your bride. On such days, give your best and honest opinions when they are sought. Note that shopping also extends to you. Your role as the bridesmaid means you will need to shop for a bridesmaid dress and accessories.

4. Planning

You will also be involved in the general planning of the big day. From bridal magazines to wedding expos and bridesmaid catch-ups, you will be involved in almost every aspect of planning. Let’s not forget to mention the cake testing, designs for the invite, and all other wedding details.

5. DIY Crafts

Your craftiness will definitely come into play at some point towards the preparation, especially in getting ready the pot plants, floral bouquets, and the Bomboniere among others. Get ready for these.

6. Bride’s right hand on the day

The bulk of your responsibilities fall on the wedding day, from getting the bride ready to lifting the bride’s dress whenever there is the need to. If your bride would be needing some snacks, ensure you are with some. However, they must be healthy and non-bloating. Other items you must keep close include make-up tissues, portable mirror, and refreshing brushes, among others. Finally, give the bride frequent reminders on how she looks stunning and breathtaking.

7. Record keeping

If the bride requests, you could handle the records of every gift presented to the couple, right from the engagement to the wedding. The records will help in sending notes of appreciation to the givers.

8. Have fun

Yes, we have discussed a ton of work and responsibilities you will handle as a bridesmaid. However, this goes without saying that enjoying yourself is also your duty. Feel free to dance when you have the chance to. Drink but avoid too much. Be polite with your toasts and watch your comments.

Whatever you do, don’t miss any bit of the fun.

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