The Best Bathroom Tiles Trends for 2021!

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The Best Bathroom Tiles Trends for 2021!

The New Year just started and the trends started shifting their positions on the charts. Well, why would bathrooms stay behind and obviously not the tiles! You’ll see a lot of changes in the trends of bathroom décor and also the tiles that become the prominent part of your wet room. So, let’s take a glimpse of the latest trends in bathroom tiles of this year. The best bathroom tiles trends for 2021.

The Best Bathroom Tiles Trends to Follow This Year!

If you intend to renovate your bathroom in the near future, then check for the latest collection of bathroom tiles in Melbourne at Ceramic Tile Imports. They pride in having the latest, trendiest, and widest collection of these to adorn your bathroom. Now let’s take a look at the recent trends in bathroom tiles.

The graphical designs

The graphics are complex, and this is what today’s generation loves the most – element of interest. The tricky and very fine graphical designs available today create a dramatic ambience and maybe that’s why you prefer to pick such pieces of tiles for your bathroom.

Classical matte

We specifically described matte as classical because it’s been years and this type of tiles hasn’t budged from its place! They top the charts for bathroom decor and just how! Even this year you can bring in the matte and classical shades of tiles in your bathroom and let them display an aura of sophistication here.

Neutral shades

It’s better to be neutral than mingling in someone else’s business! Who thought the present generation will take this mantra so seriously that they’ll let it enter their bathroom décor as well? Yes, the neutral tones in bathroom tiles are surprisingly rocking the charts. Why? Maybe because nothing creates an ambience of calm serenity like the neutral shades. You may just prefer nude shades like beige, sand, grey, and whites more!

Hexagon is the new star

This new year experiment with the shapes of the tiles you use. Enter the new shape – hexagon tiles — and the entire trend chart for the bathroom goes haywire. More and more people are opting for this shape and mostly in lighter shades to give their bathrooms a magnificent and unique look and feel.

Wooden tiles

Guess what never goes out of style no matter which century or year we are in? Right, it’s wood! So, wooden tiles are still reigning the 2021 bathroom tiles trends because hey, woods are eternal. And since these tiles are mimicking wooden patterns so gracefully, how can they lose?

Bohemian styled tiles

Though these are a bit rough, look somewhat rustic, and even the shades aren’t that catchy, but the Bohemian styled tiles are just as hot as you expect them to be. And that is why they entered the top bathroom tiles list for 2021 grandly and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere from here for the time being.

The modern bathrooms today couldn’t survive without great looking tiles. And with the top trends of the same listed above, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in choosing one for your own space. 


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