The French can Workout in their birthday suit

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The French can Workout in their birthday suit

Ah Paris, the city of love, romance, food and fashion. The French have always been a population of avant-garde thought and as such, they never cease to disappoint. Now, apparently, the French can workout in their birthday suit. Things got a lot interesting at this nudist gym in Paris.

That’s right a fitness centre in Paris is letting gym goers exercise ‘au naturel‘- opening up on weekends for naturalists from 9 – 11 pm.

According to Reddit forum, these naturalists mostly male, from age 20 -70 years old, obviously women are welcomed too but there seems to be less of them around.

The gym is following a recent move in the capital of France towards naked venues, such as a naked restaurant called O’naturel’s that opened recently and a popular Paris park, Bois de Vincennes, allows nudist to frolic in a special section of the park.

The gym located in the 12th arrondissement offers a range of naked activities including naked yoga.

The French aren’t the first to think of exercising in the buff, the Spaniards have been enjoying it since 2011. The English have been enjoying the gym sans clothes for a year now. But the real pioneers seem to be the Dutch. A small town in the Netherlands, Heteren, have been able to take part in ‘Naked Sundays’ since 2007.


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