There’s a list of “normal’ sex fantasies. Is yours on it?

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There’s a list of “normal’ sex fantasies. Is yours on it?

There is a list out there of fantasies that are deemed normal. We are wondering what your sexual fantasies are. Why? So we can decide whether to hide the silk scarves in case you try to tie us up, or hide us in your underground dungeon.

Bring it on, the wilder the better – had you going there!

Fantasies aren’t something often talked about. Though they are often thought about. It is impossible to eradicate dirty thoughts altogether. Some of us are blessed with rich imaginations. So we are going to indulge in sexual fantasies that are unusual and fun.

Usually the stigma is: the weirder the sexual thought, the weirder the person. You weird sex weirdo, you! People have and still are less than honest about their sexual fantasies as they know too well that these fantasies could be used to victimise and shame them.

However, Canadian scientists have decided to conduct a study on this one-dimensional view of fantasies. Cheers for research on this subject!!

This study asked 1516 people, of which 799 were men and 717 were women, if they’d fantasised about 55 different sexual scenarios. This study hopes to define deviance from healthy desire.

The results? Sexual fantasies were so common and varied that ‘care should be taken before labelling any sexual fantasy as unusual, let alone deviant’ to quote the study paper’s conclusion.

Which means that we are all normal and we are great at mind-sex.

Submission and domination were among women’s most frequent fantasies, 64.6% had imagined being dominated, 51% tied up, which explains the popularity of the book ’50 shades of Grey’, watch the new sexy new trailer. Over 15 precent of women fantasised about sex with complete strangers.

Other popular female fetishes included: sex in public, giving and receiving oral, watching two women, threesomes, foursomes, and pretty much every other sexual fantasies – go wild girls.

Remarkably, the fantasies between men and women didn’t differ much, differing only in that most women didn’t want their fantasies to come true whereas men did.

Men’s favourite fantasies were: oral sex, sex with two women, sex with a stranger, sex in an unusual place, watching two women together.

Sexual fantasies are very normal part of being a sexual being. What is normal is hardly measurable, it all depends who you are having sex with.

Watch below how this sexy, pragmatic lady uses sexual fantasies to her advantage:


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