Why you should have sex every night.

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Why you should have sex every night.

Why you should have sex every night even if you aren’t in the mood.

We all start with this desire to have sex, every day, all day and then life’s many responsibilities start to dwindle that desire. There are plenty of reasons why you might not be in the mood for sex.

Libido issues in relationships are complex and many factors can affect it. There’s work, kids, age, gain or loss of weight, sickness, or you and your partner have hit a sensual slump. All these factors start to affect your libido and then before you know it there has been a while since you had sex or been intimate with your partner.

Life will take a toll on all of us therefore it might be a good idea to just commit to having sex with your partner every night. Sounds unrealistic and right down crazy, but you soon come to realise that once you get started, sex actually will make you feel good and you start wondering why you aren’t having more of it. Is it that crazy to make time for pleasure? Seriously, experts swear that sometimes going through the motion can kick-start your arousal.

Ian Kerner, Ph.D., and author of She Comes First, says: “ Research has shown that arousal can proceed desire in women”. In other words, if you let your body lead the way, you can trust that more often than not, your mind will follow suit. He adds that; “ Once you get the reward of orgasm, you’ll remind yourself of what you’ve been missing.”

Sex isn’t about just pleasing your partner; it’s about the two of you. Sex is good and it’ll make you feel desired, wanted, attractive and even confident. Sex is like exercising you might not really feel like it to start with but then once you get started and get to the finish you are glad you did it. For you will feel great and realise that you should really do that more often!

Sometimes if you aren’t excited to hit the bedroom, it’s because you aren’t enjoying and exploring the full range of sexual possibilities. There are so many different kinds of sex to have. There is love making that is all about your intimate emotional connection, there is sex for stress release, there’s sex for fantasy fulfillment and then there is sex to stimulate all your senses.

Have sex with your partner every night. Remember sex doesn’t have to be an all-nighter thing. Aside from it being good for your health it also could save your marriage and reinvigorate your desire.


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