Top 3 Dentist Approved Advice for a Beautiful Smile

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Top 3 Dentist Approved Advice for a Beautiful Smile

A smiling person is more successful than someone who constantly frowns and keeps their lips pursed in displeasure. This statement has long been proven by a number of opinion polls and statistics. What if, however, a person frowns, not because he is constantly in a bad mood; but because he considers his smile to be ugly and is ashamed of it?

People are embarrassed about their own smile for a variety of reasons; most often because of some kind of dental problem. Caries, darkened fillings, chipped teeth, yellowness, ugly shape of the teeth; all this negatively affects the aesthetics of a smile and makes us hide it. But all these problems are solvable and reparable; modern dentistry is capable of giving any person an ideal, Hollywood smile. Top 3 dentist-approved advice for a beautiful smile.

1. The parameters of a perfect smile

If you think that white, even, beautiful and healthy teeth are enough to create a perfect smile, you are wrong. The perfect smile has a number of parameters that the dentist working on creating it will build on.

Let’s briefly go over the existing modern standards that an ideal smile must meet:

All horizontal lines must be parallel to each other. When creating a perfect smile, horizontal lines mean the lines of the eyes, lips, the incisal line of the front incisors, as well as the imaginary line between the incisal edges of the canines;

The size of the teeth should harmoniously decrease in the direction from the centre to the edges. Moreover, the width and height of the teeth should also meet certain parameters. The teeth should also be connected at specific points and the edges of the teeth; included in the upper dentition should have a certain bend. With a perfect smile, the upper lip almost completely covers the gingival line of the teeth.

When creating a Hollywood smile; a dentist must take into account a lot of important points. Ultimately, carry out the work so that a new smile makes a person’s face younger, more attractive and beautiful.

2. Where to start?

If you dream of a beautiful Hollywood smile; like the celebrities from the screen and the covers of glossy magazines. The first thing you should do is; to cure your teeth of caries, restore those elements of the dentition that are badly destroyed or even absent.

If those teeth that enter the smile area are destroyed by more than 50%; it will be more correct to restore them not by filling with composite material, but by installing crowns. Large fillings will need to be placed on severely damaged teeth; which do not have high-quality and reliable fixation and may break and fall out from the load. In most cases, the fillings break and fall out along with a part of the tooth. If the root part is also damaged, then the tooth will have to be removed and then restored by implantation.

In addition, even quality fillings will darken and sag over time. These changes negatively affect the aesthetics of the teeth and will be clearly visible on the front teeth that fall into the smile area.

The installation of crowns and good quality dental implants will help to avoid such problems and, moreover, will significantly improve the aesthetics of the dentition. After all, by making a crown or implant for you, the dentist can give the structure a correct and beautiful shape that fits into the standards of an ideal smile. 

3. Veneers for the perfect, Hollywood smile

It also happens that a person’s teeth are healthy, but he is still dissatisfied with their appearance. For example, there are old, darkened fillings on the teeth, there are chips, cracks on the enamel, fluorosis, or the colour of the enamel is yellow or grey and cannot be lightened with conventional bleaching. Veneers can help solve these problems and get beautiful teeth and a perfect smile.

Veneers are a special type of denture that is used exclusively for aesthetic dental restoration. They cannot restore decayed teeth, but they are irreplaceable when a person wants perfectly beautiful teeth and a smile like Hollywood celebrities.

Veneers are thin ceramic plates that are fixed on the dental surfaces and thus mask all the aesthetic defects of the teeth in the smile zone. Veneers can be made to match the colour of the patient’s teeth or snow-white – if a person wants so. Nowadays, the perfect smile doesn’t have to be a gift of nature, but the painstaking work of dentists!


When a person smiles, he relaxes the muscles in his face and reduces stress in his body. Smiling makes people more attractive and friendly, but many are forced to hide their emotions. Ugly teeth make you feel ashamed of your own smile, to be gloomy and dull. Make sure not to be that person. 

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