Eligibility for becoming a surrogate mother

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Eligibility for becoming a surrogate mother

Surrogacy is gaining popularity across the world, but it is still widely misunderstood by many. The procedure has some backlash thanks to how surrogate mothers seem to be utilized for other people’s gain. There’s a lot of confusion on how the method works. Especially when the subject is in reference to the eligibility for becoming a surrogate mother. There are some women who are very interested and open to the thought of surrogacy but were never pregnant in the past.

The requirements to be met

Carrying someone’s child may be a huge responsibility that surrogate candidates must endure. There are a lot of requirements that a surrogate applicant must meet. There’s no secret to the very fact that surrogate mothers have big payouts. The large money involved in the process would often attract women to undertake surrogacy. However, there are women who wanted to become surrogates without having a successful pregnancy in the past. Although there are some exceptions in certain states or regions, one requirement is usually certain when it involves surrogacy. The utmost requirement in surrogacy is to first have a successful pregnancy. 

A plathora of information online

It is often frustrating when an interested woman researches surrogacy. There are many resources and knowledge online which might be overwhelming. Surrogacy’s popularity has increased because of celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian doing the procedure to grow their family. For ladies who have an interest in becoming a mother, one of the most important factors that need to be addressed is their previous pregnancy history. A previous pregnancy isn’t just a requirement, it’s important that the lady had a successful delivery within the past.


Regardless of the great health condition, to become a mother, a lady must have a mixture of a previous healthy pregnancy with successful delivery. Surrogate.com clearly specified that it’s impossible trying to become a surrogacy candidate without this requirement. Whether the lady is looking for an agency to apply, become an independent surrogate, or other methods, no client would need a surrogate who has no previous success in pregnancy.

The requirement of one successful pregnancy also brings another requirement to fruition. A surrogate candidate must understand the emotional and physical obstacles which will arise during pregnancy, as well as the labour before giving birth. A lady with no previous experience wouldn’t have had any idea of the pregnancy journey which is important for each surrogate.

Before browsing the method, there will be initial medical screening for surrogate applicants. The agency or the fertility clinic will check out other records, particularly former birth records of the applicant. This will help vouch that the candidate is healthy for the procedure. For ladies who have an interest in surrogacy but never have any pregnancy experience, almost every fertility clinic or surrogacy agency won’t approve the application.

Why Does A Surrogate Need Previous Experience?

If a lady who is curious about surrogacy that has no previous pregnancy experience is often healthy and could be genuinely curious about helping other families, but still, she isn’t allowed to become a surrogate candidate. The process of surrogacy is quite complicated and it needs both parties involved to be prepared for the procedures. If a lady never had a toddler of her own, it’ll be difficult to understand what to expect. The ladies are often optimistic with all the proper requirements but the risks involved are too difficult to ignore. Here are some reasons why a lady with no pregnancy experience is disqualified from the process:

Financial, Emotional, and Mental Risks for the Intended Parents

An inexperienced surrogate would not only affect her life but the intended parents as well. The intended parents considered surrogacy as their last choice to possess their own child. They already underwent various procedures and treatments that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just for their dream of having their own child crushed. The intended parents would want to deal with a surrogate that has proven success in pregnancy. It’ll be an enormous gamble to deal with women who never have experience within the process.

Mental, Emotional, and Physical risks for the Surrogate Mother

The surrogate mother’s body will be clueless about the whole pregnancy process, including the medical procedures and trials needed to transfer the embryo to her body. The fertility test could be normal but other unforeseen complications can arise. there’s a rare probability that if the method doesn’t go well, loss of reproductive organs might occur which might mean that the carrier will not have her own biological children.

Another complication is the emotional risks involved with the carrier. With no experience in pregnancy and no experience in raising a toddler, the lady is emotionally unprepared for the method. For the gestational carriers, they’re not biologically associated with the kid but there are still stress and hormones involved within the process. It could lead to severe postpartum depression and cause problematic psychological state conditions.

To become a surrogate, there are requirements mandated to guard all parties involved. Before pursuing the method, the intended parents and therefore the surrogate must follow the requisites for a better chance at a successful pregnancy.

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