Turkish Get Ups The Best Exercise You Must Be Doing

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Turkish Get Ups The Best Exercise You Must Be Doing

The Turkish Get-ups is one of those exercises you must be doing; they work really well as a catch all type movement. It develops shoulder mobility & stability, leg strength, core control, works both upper and lower muscles, builds triceps, and develops coordination, all in one movement.

The Turkish Get-ups gets you moving through every plane of motion, and drills proper body control in all three. This leads to better movement quality, stronger movement, better positioning, and a decreased risk of injury. The very reason why Turkish Get-ups is the best exercise encompassing so many movements.

The get-ups is a little tricky when you first try it, but give it a whirl, and be warned it will take time to learn. The biggest thing about the get-ups is to take it slow, and very light to start, so choose a light kettlebell . You should be first drilling proper movement and then adding the challenge of heavier weights.

In the video above, it gives a pretty decent rundown of what a get-ups should look like. It’s a nice slow walk through the many steps to do a proper get-up.

Give them a try, and video yourself while doing them. It’s not for narcissistic reasons; it’s the easiest way to highlight what you need to improve on.


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