Unique Ideas for Couples Wanting a More Intimate Wedding

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Unique Ideas for Couples Wanting a More Intimate Wedding

Weddings are memorable and joyful events that unite two people. Some couples opt for extravagant weddings with hundreds of guests and others prefer a more intimate ceremony with close family and friends instead. If you and your partner agree would prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering, this article offers ways to have a modest wedding without sacrificing flair. Below are unique ideas for couples wanting a more intimate wedding.

Vacation Spots As Wedding Venues

Destination weddings are a great option for couples who want to make their wedding day special and unique. Destination weddings offer a romantic and picturesque setting, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here are some ideas for a destination wedding:

Destination Wedding / Beach Ceremony

Those who celebrate their union on the sand and surf of the beach are not alone in their sentiments. You may say your “I do’s” as the waves crash gently in the backdrop. If you want to have your ceremony on the beach: place shells, starfish, and other beachy decorations. Serve seafood and tropical beverages during a gathering held beneath a tent or gazebo.

Elopement in the Mountains

Any couple that enjoys spending time outdoors would benefit greatly from having their wedding in the mountains. The perfect setting between woods and mountains is out there for your celebration. Make use of flowers, leaves, and branches to adorn the space. Celebrate in style by hosting the reception in a cozy lodge or log cabin and offering warm beverages and hearty appetizers.

Substitute Locations

If you’re not into having your wedding in a church or a ballroom, you may find nontraditional wedding locations that align with your tastes. Some suggestions for nontraditional wedding settings:

Art Museum Wedding

You may demonstrate your appreciation for art and culture by having your wedding in an art museum. The gallery’s paintings, sculptures, and installations provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding and celebration. Decorate the space with creative items such as canvas prints, easels, and paintbrushes. Hire a caterer to provide beverages and food with an artistic theme.

Botanical Garden Wedding 

A botanical garden wedding lets you celebrate nature and beauty. Your ceremony and reception will be in a botanical garden, surrounded by nature and wildlife. Decorate with vines, flowers, and fruits. Healthy meals and herbal drinks may be catered.

Vineyard Wedding

Having your wedding in a vineyard is a beautiful way to express your devotion to your future spouse and your shared passion for wine. Wine barrels, grapevines, and the smell of freshly crushed grapes all make vineyards an ideal setting for a wedding and celebration. Use corks, wine bottles, and barrels as decorative accents. Choose a caterer to deliver food and beverages that match your wine selection.

Backyard Wedding

If you’re looking to plan a wedding that is small and intimate, don’t rule out the possibility of getting married in your own backyard. While this setting may not seem as exciting or whimsical initially, it may be the perfect expression of who you are as a couple and what matters to you the most. With creative decorating, such as a homemade arbour, overhead string lights, and seats for guests, you can transform your backyard into a dream wedding venue. In addition to being a small and private gathering, backyard weddings can significantly reduce wedding costs, allowing couples to save more for their honeymoon or for starting a family. 

Personalized Details

Customized elements are a terrific way to make your small wedding distinctive and unforgettable. Some suggestions for unique touches during the ceremony:

Unique Signature Drinks

Make customized drinks that represent your taste and personality. For example, if you love gin and tonic, you may concoct a cocktail named “Gin and Kisses”. Love on the Rocks is a margarita-based beverage that anybody may make. At the reception, have the bartender at Havana mix up some of your favourite drinks.

Embellishments You Can Make Yourself

Make home accents that showcase your ingenuity and enthusiasm. If you have a green thumb, you may use your succulent and herb collection as table decorations. Vinyl records are great place card material if you’re a music lover. If you are passionate about taking photographs, you may set up a photo booth with Polaroid cameras and many accessories.

Unique Gifts for Your Guests

Customized presents are an excellent method for expressing gratitude and appreciation to other people. You may, for instance, label jars of handmade jam or honey and present them as gifts. Candles and soaps with special fragrances and handwritten notes are thoughtful presents. You can’t go wrong with handcrafted jewellery or pottery with the recipient’s name or initials.

In Conclusion

If you want to celebrate your love and commitment with just the people who really matter to you, consider having a small, intimate wedding. Destination weddings, unique settings, and other customizations can help you create a ceremony that is modest but also uniquely you. You and your partner deserve a special day filled with happiness and love so consider these ideas when making arrangements to tie the knot.

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