US Army Sleeping Method Gets You To Sleep In 2 Minutes

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US Army Sleeping Method Gets You To Sleep In 2 Minutes

Sleep has become all the talk on the Internet and for good reason. Every day more studies confirm the importance of a good night sleep. Anyone with difficulty sleeping will tell you that there is nothing worse than to suffer through a day with very little sleep. Your concentration is low, you feel lethargic and your body is giving you signs that not all is well. Your skin looks tired, you feel tired and your brain switches off at that meeting where you were supposed to impress your boss. You can hear yourself scream inside your head “HELP, I NEED SOME SLEEP!”

Not to despair, there is help from a very unsuspecting source. The US Army has developed a sleeping method that will have you fall asleep in 2 minutes. This sleeping method for good sleep has been revealed in a book titled ‘Relax and Win: Championship Performance’ by Lloyd Bud Winter.

This scientific method more or less promises sleep in two minutes flat, even under the most stressful of situations. After six weeks of trial practice, there was a 96% success rate.

The military learns to sleep during uncomfortable and sometimes traumatising situations, it’s part of the job. Furthermore, they require at times to remain alert and to think fast in dangerous situations. It’s then utterly important that service people get quality sleep no matter what. Regardless of comfort or absence of silence.

How to fall asleep in two minutes?

According to Lloyd Bud Winter, follow these 4 steps to get your sleep every night and face the next day with a clear mind, more energy and attention.

The first step, you need to relax your facial muscles, including your tongue, jaw and the six muscles surrounding your eye socket. Squinting and frowning are big no-nos as tension needs to leave your face.

The second step, focus on your shoulders and drop them as far down as you can. Then relax upper and lower arms; first on one side, and then the other.

The third step is to breathe out, relaxing the chest. Finally, relax your legs; beginning with your thighs before moving down to your lower legs.

After completing these steps, you need to spend ten-second clearing away the clutter of your mind. Winter suggests picturing one of three mental images in specific.

The first image you picture yourself lying in a canoe on a serene lake, with a blue sky above you. While the second is being cuddled up in a black velvet hammock inside a completely dark room. The third image is repeating ‘don’t think, don’t think’ over and over for ten seconds.

Give it a go tonight, it can’t hurt and share with us your results.

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