Warning signs of breast cancer women shouldn’t ignore

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Warning signs of breast cancer women shouldn’t ignore

One of the deadliest and common types of cancer found in women all over the world is breast cancer. Just like any other disease, breast cancer has its own kind of signs and symptoms. Few women identify a lump formation when diagnosed with breast cancer during initial stages. Although breast cancer does not usually cause pain during the onset of the disease. It can be detrimental if proper treatment is not applied. In most cases, women are not aware that they are facing this life-threatening disease. As the lump formation often appears to be so small that they do not feel any sort of pain or difficulty. These are the warning signs of breast cancer women shouldn’t ignore.

Warning signs of breast cancer women shouldn’t ignore

Bear in mind all the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It can significantly increase your chances of catching the illness early and opt for an early treatment. Women are advised to check their breasts each month for signs of cancer. Luckily, there are some things you can watch out for.

Lump Formation in the Armpit, Instead of Breast

According to reports based on several breast cancer cases. It was found that swelling in the armpit or collarbone region can also signal breast cancer. In other words, the initial symptoms of breast cancer need not necessarily to be witnessed in the breast region. The lump in the armpit can be a signalling fact that cancer has started to form in the lymph nodes present in that region. And is visible often prior to the lump formation in the breast. Lump formation in the armpit can also be a sign of allergy, but the smart choice is to get it diagnosed as soon as you spot it.


A very unusual symptom, but Paget’s disease of the breast is quite similar to eczema, where the skin covering the breast becomes red and itchy, which can be an underlying sign of breast cancer. This symptom first shows up in the nipple and then extends its reach to the areola.

Change in Appearance of the Nipple

The key to getting breast cancer diagnosed in the early stage is to know everything about your breasts. This includes a list of what is normal and what is unusual for the appearance of your breast. Although the appearance of breasts keeps changing based on the transition of your cycle, if you feel that your nipples and the breast region feel thicker than usual, you should consult your doctor.

A New Form of Diagnosis and Study

Apart from these unconventional symptoms, there have been some surprising technological advancements that can make the diagnosis and testing of breast carcinoma easier in the future. One such study is based on the branched DNA (bDNA) technology, where medical researchers have developed an assay for pre mRNA in breast cancer. This methodology can prove to be useful in the detection of breast cancer in its initial stages. However, there are still developments to be made in the nucleic acid hybridization assay for using the technology in the breast cancer diagnosis.

Final Thoughts

Breast cancer awareness is the ultimate solution to the deadly disease. You can also read journals describing the new form of studies based on bDNA technology and others. Be diligent with your own breast examinations and be aware of what breast cancer symptoms look and feel like. Being cautious can help in easy detection of breast cancer. If you are concerned, contact your GP immediately.

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