Why Does Popcorn Ceiling Crack, Damp and Bubble?

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Why Does Popcorn Ceiling Crack, Damp and Bubble?

A popcorn ceiling has a rough, bumpy texture. It looks like popcorn kernels. This texture is created by spraying or painting a mixture onto the ceiling. The mixture typically contains materials. These include joint compounds (drywall mud), fire-resistant minerals, and Styrofoam.

Many people like popcorn ceilings because they give a boring roof a new look. The roof looks beautiful and colorful with texture. Popcorn ceilings offer an expensive look like a texture paint. You can give it any color that you want.

The popcorn ceiling helps the textured surface hide minor flaws. These include cracks, unevenness, and bumps. It also helps dampen sound and reduce noise within a room. They were once popular in mid-20th-century homes. But, many now see popcorn ceilings as outdated. Popcorn ceilings applied before the 1970s might contain asbestos, a hazardous material. Why Does Popcorn Ceiling Crack, Damp and Bubble? Listed below are some reasons.

Reasons for Popcorn Ceiling Crack, Damp, and Bubble?

There can be many reasons for cracks, bubbles, and other issues with your popcorn ceiling.


Moisture is the first enemy of wall paint, ceiling, and wall putty. Moisture in your structure will start leaving a wall, roof, or floor. First, you need to check moisture:

Roof Leaks: This is a major problem and the main source of moisture. Leaks from your roof can let water seep into the ceiling. This makes the popcorn texture detach and bubble. The dampness can also lead to cracks as the ceiling material dries unevenly.

Plumbing Leaks: Pipes above the ceiling can leak like roofs. They cause moisture damage and separate the popcorn texture.

Humidity: High humidity is common in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Moisture in the air can be absorbed by the popcorn ceiling. This can soften it and make it bubble.

Structural Issues

House and a building structural problem can also be the cause of popcorn ceiling removal.

House Settling: As a house settles over time, minor shifts can occur. In popcorn ceilings, these shifts can cause hairline cracks to appear.

Poor work: If the popcorn texture was applied incorrectly, with a weak bond to the drywall, it may crack and bubble more.

Other Causes

There may be more causes of popcorn ceiling removal such as

Incorrect work: Past repairs to the popcorn ceiling were done wrong. They can make weak spots. These spots are more likely to crack or bubble.

Painting Popcorn Ceilings: This is rare. But, it can trap moisture and make bubbling or peeling worse.

Asbestos:  Asbestos ceilings, once common, now pose risks. If you find it fibers are released, threatening your health. It can damage your roof, ceiling, and paint so safely removing it by professionals is crucial for security. If you suspect asbestos and other substances in your popcorn ceiling, ask a professional ceiling stucco removal in Toronto to test and remove it.

What to Do

So what should do if you find that your popcorn ceiling is leaving the roof surface and it has cracks, bubbles, and damps?

Fix moisture problem: Find the source of moisture on your roof. If you suspect a leak, fix it now to stop more damage.

For minor cracks: Small cracks can potentially be repaired with joint compound and paint. For extensive damage, such as larger cracks or bubbling, or if you suspect asbestos, consult a professional. They can do the repairs or removal of the popcorn ceiling.

For damp and bubble: It may be due to efflorescence in your construction material and roof. You should mix an anti-Efflorescences compound and solution in your construction material.

Understand the causes of popcorn ceiling damage. Then, you can take steps to fix it and restore your ceiling’s strength. The above problems are now just damaging your popcorn ceiling, later they can damage your newly constructed building and renovated home.

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