World’s First Connected Suitcase

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World’s First Connected Suitcase

Every day our world gets closer to the Sci-fiction movies  we watch in our screens at home, with their futuristic world becoming our reality more and more everyday. The world’s first connected suitcase is a revolution in traveling!! Since the invention of the humble suitcase for the past decades there has been no innovation in the luggege industry.

Until now!

Bluesmart have re-imagined the suitcase to solve all the problems of the modern traveler. No more luggage nightmares to spoil your trips. With Bluesmart, you will travel smarter and be the coolest kid in the airport.

Bluesmart have developed a 3G connected, high- quality suitcase that you can control from your phone. This suitcase allows you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock it. It can also inform you when it is being stolen and tell you the weight of your luggage.

You can also charge your phone six times over with a built in battery. Genius!!

You don’t need to remember your locker combination or ever wonder if you over packed.

Whatever you do, don’t lose your phone.


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