4 Golden Rules for Creating a Truly Inviting Living Room

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4 Golden Rules for Creating a Truly Inviting Living Room

A living room is a place where the whole family gathers to talk, watch TV or play a board game. It is also the first room you bring your guests to. It is imperative then, that your living room is a pleasant, inviting space where people want to spend a lot of time and where they feel comfortable.

There are several key factors that an inviting living room has to possess in order for both your family and your guests to truly relax in it. Achieve this with these 4 golden rules for creating a truly inviting living room.

4 Golden Rules for Creating a Truly Inviting Living Room

The perfect sofa

This should be the focal point of the room, of course, you shouldn’t go overboard and let it overtake the space. But a decent sized sofa is a must. Now, of course, a fresh white one or a bright pastel one would completely liven up the space, but if you have small kids you should consider going a bit darker colour wise or opting for an easily washable material. Now to truly make this piece of furniture pop get the right pillows, big, fluffy ones that will feel great when your guests lean on them. Finding the right sofa is easier than you think, just ask the Australians. All it takes is a visit to their local furniture store in Sydney and they can choose from a whole array of stunning sofa designs. And you know Aussies have a great eye for interior design.

4 Golden Rules for Creating a Truly Inviting Living Room

Light it up

A dark and gloomy room is in no way inviting, it might even end up scaring the guests. On the other hand, a bright sun-filled space can really create a warm and pleasant atmosphere and make people want to spend time in it. So the first step is limiting the number of curtains or getting rid of them completely. The more light gets in the bigger and brighter the living room will appear. The next step is to opt for lighter shades of furniture. Of course dark wood is stylish and classic but it can really dampen the mood, so instead choose whites and greys. And if you are really that much into darker tones an accent wall is also a great option. It won’t darken the room and you will get the colour you want to see in your interior design.

Make it cozy

Creating an inviting living room is all about making people feel comfortable, so coziness is a must. First, add a bit of personality to it, some great artistic family photos are a fun way to make your living room feel warmer. Then there is the great shaggy rug that you simply must have, it feels pleasant under your feet and makes the whole space feel a bit fluffier. Finally choose the ideal coffee table, one that can show off your artistic sense but is also quite functional. After all, you will all be gathered around it taking, relaxing, so it, apart from your sofa, plays a crucial role in your living room design.

4 Golden Rules for Creating a Truly Inviting Living Room

Less is more

Now that you have all the key pieces in place and the living room is filled with light, it is imperative that you avoid over-cluttering it with other furniture pieces or just stuff on the shelves and the walls. A few strategically placed works of art are always welcome, as are some books on the shelves, but don’t go overboard as the room might start to feel claustrophobic. Finally, make sure you avoid too much tech in your living room. A TV and an audio system are just fine but the computer should be in the study, along with the other gadgets. Technology can easily take over our lives, and creating an inviting living room is all about bringing family and friends together, so go easy on the tech.

Your living room is now ready for entertaining guests or having those fun family game nights. It is light, fresh and has all the key pieces to make anyone who enters feel welcome and relaxed.

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