5 Health Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

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5 Health Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

Most people like animals. A lot of people also cannot imagine their lives without their furry companions. Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for millennia now, and if you too have a pooch of your own, you probably consider them family. There is no denying that our dogs make us so much happier and improve our lives. Did you know that there is actually scientific evidence to support these claims and justify our undying love for these adorable furballs? Your dog will not only cheer you up on rainy days, he or she actually brings a slew of health benefits into your life.  These are  5 health benefits of being a dog owner.

1. Stress relief












Stress is the number one health offender in our modern times, and there are few people who are not affected by it. Naturally, we cannot avoid it, so the best thing we can do is trying to find methods of stress relief that are going to reduce its negative effects. The good news is that simply having a dog is already a huge step. Having a puppy has been shown to reduce tension between married couples by simply being around. In addition, those workplaces that allow dogs have also observed that employees who take their dogs to the office have lower stress levels throughout the day. Simply petting a four-legged friend helps your brain release oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” that helps relieve stress.

2. They make you happier

By helping you relieve stress, your puppy will inevitably make you happier. But that is not the only way in which your dog makes you a happier person. Bonding with an animal brings us closer to nature, which is an important thing for balance. Having your puppy around helps you release beneficial hormones, stave off depression and loneliness and feel like you have a purpose. In fact, it has been proven that having a dog improves your mood and helps those who are dealing with depression. Taking care of a puppy requires some work and it gives you a routine that is very important for staying on the right track. In addition, it also improves your social life by taking you out of the house and giving you a conversation starter anytime, which is also very important for happiness.

3. More physical activity











Another health benefit of having a dog comes in the form of physical activity. It’s no news that dogs are very active animals. And if you don’t want all that energy to be taken out on your furniture, you will have to spend some time with your dog every day. Be it by playing outside or by going on regular walks, you will find that your puppy “forces” you to get that necessary physical activity everyone needs in order to be healthy. 


Daily dog walks can also help you finally lose those extra pounds that have been bothering you for ages. Just make sure you take all the precautions before heading out into the unknown by equipping your pooch with the appropriate identification. For example, if you are not sure which ID tag to choose, you can always consult professionals like PetIDTag.

4. Prevent allergies

pet, children in couch with dog


Another surprising health benefit of having a dog around from a young age is preventing allergies from developing. While in the past, it was believed that a dog in your home would cause your kids to develop annoying allergies, today we know that the opposite is true. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to dogs early on have a lower chance of developing childhood atopy and even obesity later on. Dog ownership can even help those kids who have dog allergies according to another study.

5. Stave off certain diseases

If you connect all the dots, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that dog ownership has many benefits that can ultimately help you stave off certain diseases. If the aforementioned depression and allergies were not enough, you should know that dog ownership also reduces your risk of heart disease. This is not so surprising considering their stress-relieving effects and all the physical activity you will get thanks to your dog. Having a dog can reduce your cholesterol levels and blood pressure too, and all in all, dog owners generally live a longer life.

Dogs are not only wonderful companions that make our lives much more colourful and interesting, but they are also actually good for our health in so many ways. Hopefully, this article convinced you to adopt a furbaby yourself!

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