5 Problems Modern Medicine Can’t Solve (that your Faith can!)

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5 Problems Modern Medicine Can’t Solve (that your Faith can!)

There have been many advances and breakthroughs in the field of medicine over the past couple of years. Pharmaceutical companies have modified pills to be extremely effective against complicated diseases. Furthermore, scientists have invented refined medical equipment to facilitate prompt and accurate diagnosis of ailments.

However, there are some problems that modern medicine has completely failed to solve and people have turned to faith for solutions. What’s interesting is that these people have reported success in solving their problems with faith. Well, without further ado, let’s look at 5 problems that modern medicine can’t solve but faith can.

1. Poor emotional health

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Poor emotional health involves failure to control your emotions. Emotions such as anger, grief, excess happiness and shock can be hazardous to your health and that of others. Modern medicine has only managed to identify the emotional centres in the brain. Magical pills to help people control their emotions are hard to come by.

Faith, on the other hand, has effectively managed to help people with this. Church involvements and meetings, for instance, have offered people happiness and life satisfaction. Some of the religious books like The Bible and Quran have teachings on how to cope with your emotions. How fascinating!

2. Ceratin behaviours predisposing to diseases

Certain behaviours include drug abuse and promiscuity, predispose you to diseases which adversely affect your health. Modern medicine has only managed to deal with the conditions resulting from bad behaviours, for instance, liver failure from alcohol abuse. Physicians have tried to use preventative medicine to solve this problem, but drug abuse and promiscuity keep soaring high.

Faith has turned out to be successful in dealing with these problems. Faith discourages you from smoking, drinking and engaging in infidelity. This is exactly why highly religious countries have relatively few incidences of diseases resulting from drug abuse and promiscuity.

3. Stress anxiety and depression

While modern medicine has attempted to come up with pills to help people deal with these, the underlying cause is usually left intact. Moreover, the pills used to manage these conditions have serious side effects and sometimes, they don’t work the way they were meant to. Studies have shown that spiritual activities such as praying and worshipping bring a kind of relaxation that counteracts stress and anxiety. Without any side effects, faith proves to be more effective in managing these conditions.

4. Poverty-triggered illnesses

5 Problems Modern Medicine Can’t Solve (that your Faith can!)- stress










Poverty-triggered diseases like cholera, typhoid and trachoma are prevalent in poverty-stricken areas due to failure to access clean water. Sometimes people in these areas can’t afford clean food and water and hence keep suffering. Although modern medicine has managed to treat these illnesses, they keep recurring because the underlying cause, which is poverty, hasn’t been dealt with yet.

Faith, on the other hand, has offered an effective solution to this. Religious books have teachings that encourage people to help others with their problems. This is why there are religious organizations that work to help people in poverty-stricken areas access clean water and food. In the process, poverty-triggered diseases are kept at bay.

5. Hypochondria

Hypochondria is a condition that makes you believe that you are suffering from a serious disease when in reality, there is nothing to worry about. People suffering from hypochondria keep visiting the doctors often and may even resort to different physicians. They’ll however not find any pathological condition. Modern medicine can’t help you if you are suffering from hypochondria. This is where faith comes in. Through faith in a supernatural being with healing powers, all fears are eliminated. How awesome!

The review above has discussed some problems that modern medicine can’t solve, but your faith can. It’s interesting that despite the many advances in medicine people will always turn to faith for answers. Faith is not only able to help you live a life devoid of stress, but it can also help you deal with the above problems. You, therefore, need to appreciate the fact that faith plays a significant role in your life.

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