5 Reasons to Visit Richmond – Victoria in 2020

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5 Reasons to Visit Richmond – Victoria in 2020

Between East Melbourne and Hawthorn and across the river Yarra from South Yarra lies the inner-city suburb called Richmond. This small hip suburb is located just three kilometres east of the Melbourne Central Business District and it mostly consists of urban professionals who want to stay close to the city. It offers a wider range of restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes and two large undercover shopping malls.

Not only does it attract a great number of singles, but it is also a popular destination for families who enjoy the neighbourhood like a community. Due to its large Greek and Vietnamese community, Richmond has a diverse and delicious dining scene. Richmond is rich in history and diverse culture and here are some reasons why everyone should visit. Here are 5 reasons to visit Richmond – Victoria in 2020

1. History

Richmond became a city in 1882 and it was one of the first suburbs to inaugurate municipal government. This self-sufficient community stood with a population of 40.000, where people lived and worked within its boundaries. Richmond started to transform into a full working-class community during the 1890s depression.


Mat Connolley on commons.wikimedia.org

Due to the rise of working-class politics that were led by the Political Labor Council the business elite was moved off the council and out of Richmond’s parliamentary seats. Later this became one of the safest Australian labour parties. Postwar immigration transformed Richmond. The first immigration was from southern Europe (Greece) and later from South-East Asia (Vietnam and East Timorese refugees from Indonesia). Walk-up flats and tower blocks were built and this housing estate stood as an example of great city planning. 

The last chapter of the transformation of Richmond was gentrification. Industries were looking for cheaper larger sites outside the inner cities. So, the middle class started discovering the charms of inner-city living and Richmond was socially reinvented. Industrial landmarks became luxury apartments and house renovation gave way to warehouse conversion.

2. Restaurants

You will never go hungry in Richmond. Whether you’re a fine diner or a budget eater, the venues on Victoria Street always have something to offer. If you’re new to Victoria Street then you should begin your journey with Pho Hung Vuong 2.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Don’t be fooled by the casual appearance because it offers delicious and authentic Vietnamese cuisine made from fresh produce. The flavours are delicious and portions are more than generous. If you like south-European flavours then check out Salona in Swan Street. It offers healthy and traditional Greek meals that are from local and organic produce. If you’re a fan of good old Australian high-quality beef then you must try Vlado’s. It is known for its excellent hospitality, finest quality, and unchanging tradition.

3. Shopping

Bridge Street is famous for its colourful shopping and eating strip. This is also replicated on a smaller scale throughout Swan Street. Don’s miss the Dimmeys department store because it’s a beautiful landmark with its ornate clock. Also, along Swan street are cafes, pubs, fashion stores and if you think you’re having a bad hair day maybe check out what an exclusive hairdresser salon Melbourne has to offer.

4. Parks and gardens

This small suburb is home to a number of parks and gardens. In Church Street, you will find Citizens Park with its large sports oval and playground and picnic areas. Located between Mary Street and Coppin Street, Barkly Gardens offer large areas of lawn and tree-lined walkways. Mc Conchie reserve is situated at the end of Mary Street and it overlooks wetlands and the Burnley harbour.

Photo by Aleksandar Jason on Unsplash

Burnley Park is a large open space area with sporting and recreational facilities that front the Yara River. Along the Yarra River are the Capital City Trail walkway and bicycle track that goes around the edges of Richmond making it a part of the 32 km loop around Melbourne inner suburbs.

5. Live music

Music has been a part of Richmond since the ’40s and Corner Hotel has earned a good reputation when it comes to rock music. The pub was first licensed in 1871 and thanks to its nearness to Richmond railway station the pub soon started having a steady following. 

Apart from local bands, you can often listen to internationally renowned musicians, or can also enjoy home-cooked food and a variety of drinks. Every year in February Victoria Street Lunar festival is organized. It celebrates the Asian New Year and there is dancing, live music, carnival rides, and a dragon procession. 

Also, there are a lot of cooking demonstrations and lots of street food to sample. So if your New Year’s celebration wasn’t that good, then you can always do it one more time in Richmond.


Diverse culture, delicious food, music, shopping, and recreation. You name it, Richmond has it all. Visit this little urban suburb and you will never regret it. It’s a perfect place to let go and enjoy what life has to offer.


Daria is writer from Australia. She writes about fashion, traveling, weddings and lifestyle. She is passionate about discovering new places and exploring interesting topics.

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