6 Common Relationship Advice That Are Actually Terrible

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6 Common Relationship Advice That Are Actually Terrible

Relationships are hard, confusing and tough to manage but whenever you find yourself in such complex relationship situations you should seek out the help of your friends and families. But you should also stay cautious because most relationship advice might actually cause damage to your already deteriorating relationship. Be cautious of these 6 common relationship advice that are actually terrible.

1. Your perfect match exists

You need to be aware of this advice because there is no such thing as a perfect match or a perfect partner. Every person you will ever meet will definitely have his or her flaws, it is very important to figure that out earlier because the not so perfect person might be the one for you.

2. You should play hard to get

This is the advice that might cause you and your partner to stay alone for the rest of your lives. Because this advice just guarantees that both of you might never see each other again. Because the world of dating is very competitive and fast-paced and only a number of people have the time to constantly trail and follow the person who is not even interested in them.

3. Do not make the first move

If you wait for someone to make the first move it will just leave you waiting for your entire lifetime. It is very absurd how many people actually don’t make their first move and end up waiting for the other person to show interest. You might think that making the first move would require an extra amount of courage or effort but it does not because if the feelings are mutual the extra effort will be paid off.

4. Search for a partner who loves all your hobbies

Having a life partner who shares the same interest as you might sound fantastic, but this is not always the case because finding someone with the same interests is not always possible. If you have suddenly found a partner who shares the same hobbies as you chances are that he or she is a little too co-dependent. This might cause your relationship to suffer damaging outcomes.

5. They can change

It is true that people can change with the course of time but you should never approach a relationship or a marriage with the mindset that you can change a person. Your relationship can grow and advance but the characteristics and the personality traits of a person will never change.

6. You have a soul mate

This particular notion is not true because it might sound romantic to you but the idea of a soul mate just causes confusion and problems. You might have heard people bragging about their soul mate but after a while, you see them searching for another soul mate because people can fall in love more than once.

By ignoring this dreadful advice you can rewire your relationship and follow your true destination of love. Focus more on the bright side of your relationship and breathe out the fresh air of love.

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