7 Essential Camping Gears For Your Post COVID-19 Trip

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7 Essential Camping Gears For Your Post COVID-19 Trip

COVID-19 came unprecedented, and it has halted several businesses and routines. Travel is not possible now in most parts of the world, but we are all waiting for the time when we can go out again. Camping is one thing you’d want to do, and that is why you are reading this blog. You need to prepare yourself with adequate camping gear to make your experience exceptional.

In this post, you are about to discover seven of the necessary tools, accessories, and gears you will need for your camping trip post-COVID-19. You will not want to mess with your adventure by missing an essential asset while packing your travel bag for the camping journey.

Ensure that you carry these seven gears when you are going out for a camp after the COVID-19 threat has eased. 7 essential camping gears for your post-COVID-19 trip.

1. Survival Knife

knife, survival


You are going to spend a few days in the jungle. Whether you will camp alone or with your family, there will arise cases where a knife becomes a necessity. You could use the knife to cut a rope to fasten your camping tent, cut some sticks for miscellaneous use, or even prepare food.

The ideal knife ought to be strong to cut some of the stiff, hard, or sturdy things. It also needs to be small enough to fit into your toolbox or sheath on your belt. But be sure to carry it safely and remain conscious about it to avoid injury or sheath on your belt. But be sure to carry it safely and remain conscious about it to avoid injury.

2.  Sheltering Tent

One big mistake you can make is to plan a camping trip and go as if you were going for a vacation where you would be staying in a hotel. Camping means spending your time outdoors. Most of the time, you are going to fight extreme weather conditions like cold nights, rain, snow, or hot summer days.

A tent should give you enough shelter through your camping trip. However, the choice of tent you will settle for will determine how you will make or ruin the trip. Ideally, because of unpredictable weather in various places around the world, you should carry a tent that you can pitch on your car roof rack easily.

3. Headlamp

Most camping sites are either in the wilderness or in the remote villages outside the cities. Lighting in such places is either inadequate or absent altogether. You need to see where you are going as you move about at night. A source of light that can help you when cooking, preparing your bedding, or writing notes is essential. And the light should not become a burden.

For this reason, a headlamp will suffice all your lighting needs. While strapped onto your head, you can move anywhere while carrying firewood or water. You can, however, ignore this when you have your car. Use car headlamps instead when you camp in the open field. But do not use your phone as a source of light while camping. You do not want to run out of power or drop the phone in the fire.

4. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Camping is not an ordinary trip where you will call your hotel receptionist anytime you need something. You are going to be either alone or with friends, but quite far from town. Access to necessary medication may not be required unless you fall ill, and especially right after COVID-19 has eased out. Bringing a first aid kit with essentials is vital in emergency cases.

Some of the things to have in your kit include bandages, a pair of scissors or sharp blade, ointment, and a disinfectant. You would also need painkillers. You can customize your kit to carry some other things that you feel may be necessary for the trip. But you do not have to raid the pharmacy when you can receive emergency medical attention from nearby health facilities.

5. Insect Repellent

Out there in the jungle, there are all sorts of insects, some of which have bad stings. However, most of the everyday annoyances are mosquitoes. Those bugs will not let you be. Africa and Australia are the significant places you will have trouble camping because of these little but active insects. Although they cannot sap all your energy and blood, they can be irritating. In the worst scenarios, you may catch one of the diseases they carry.

Killing the insect is not the best solution. Another problem is that you will not kill all of them. You will finish your chemical and still have the bugs buzzing. You also do not want to kill innocent insects like moths. The best thing you can do is find a reliable repellent. Wearing the repellent makes the mozzies and other insects keep their distance. You can sleep well as they stay away from you.

6. Box of Matches

Box of Matches


You are going to feel cold and want to warm up, or you’d want to cook. As a result, fire is necessary on a camping site. You can carry some matches or a lighter to help you make the fire you need.


But before making fires at the camp, ensure that the law permits it. Some sites prohibit camping fires. Also, you do not want to cause a fire emergency by burning a forest or grassland. When making campfires, clear the bushes, thickets, and grass around and make sure the fire cannot reach any vegetation closeby. While you finish warming up before going to sleep, put out the fire.

7. Solar Power Bank

Communication is essential. Spending days in the jungle without charging your phone or laptop is going to be a pretty bad idea. Commonly, camping sites have no power lines. You need to find a way to power your appliances. Gratefully, the sun provides us with free energy all day long. You can tap the heat and use it to power your devices and keep the communication on.

For this purpose, you will need a solar power bank. During the day, the power bank uses inbuilt solar cells to convert solar energy into electricity. The electric energy recharges the batteries in the gadget. The stored energy becomes essential when your lights, phone, and other devices need recharging.


Camping is one of the experiences you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Spending time in the wilderness, away from the noise, and air pollution is a sure way to improve your health and wellbeing. As you stare at nature and listen to the sweet chirping from birds, you can reflect and remind yourself of the meaning of life. So brace yourself with the listed gears to make your experience smooth. And do not forget to research the area you want to camp before setting out. Afterall it is necessary to maintain hygiene and safety right after the virus has departed

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