7 ways to improve your sex life

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Let’s face it: Sex at the beginning of a relationship is different from sex in the midst of a long-term relationship. The former is intense, exciting and frequent. The latter is more comfortable, often predictable and likely doesn’t happen twice a day, every day. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, there’s way to improve your sex life. Sex with someone you’ve been with for years can be just as exhilarating as it was the first few times you slept together.
If your sex life has hit the skids it’s time to kick it back into high gear. “Winter is a great time to bring some novelty and mystery to your sex life,”

Sex in a long-term committed relationship doesn’t have to be ho-hum. Take advantage of the comfort level and familiarity you have with your partner. If you are open to trying new things together, the potential of amazing sex is limitless. Start focusing on having interesting sex, and your sex life will improve almost instantly.

Here are a few tips to re-ignite your passion.

1. Learn to love your body
What happens to your sex life if you don’t believe you’re sexy? And how many of your think your breasts are too small, or hips are too large?

Get over yourself!

Body-worth starts from the inside. The best way to start loving your body is to take the best care you can of it. When we start paying special attention to our body, we start to gain an appreciation for ourselves

2. Be nice
It sounds so easy: just be nice to your special someone. Look for a reason to be nice to your partner every day. Either we’re taking our partner for granted, or we pick at what they did wrong. Sexual desire is more easily ignited when we don’t have to overcome any tension with our partner.

3. Touch your honey
When thinking sex, it’s important to think beyond the bedroom. Look at touching each other non-sexually often.

Most couples stop being affectionate and tactile with one another and that’s a big reason why it’s difficult to get things initiated in the bedroom.

4. Set aside regular “Together” time

You’re always exhausted or kids take all your free time?

Too often, children or work comes into the picture, and the relationship is no longer the priority. The easiest way to make each other a priority again is to set aside time to be together. Incorporate one-on-one time into your routine by picking a set time every week, like a Saturday night date or a weekend away.

5. Be single-minded
Remember when you were single and in lust with your new partner? That’s when sex was creative and fun. Recreate that passion by thinking outside the “established-couple” sex box.

Being single is a time of experimentation where we dabble in different sexual arenas. A newbie couple has a lot of sexual self confidence that enables them to communicate that they want to try something new and the courage to actually do it.

6. Fantasize
This step sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Whether you have a vampire fetish courtesy of True Blood or a thing for getaway drivers who don’t say much after watching Ryan Gosling in Drive, one of the best ways to make sure sex stays exciting is with fantasies. Sexual fantasies can be a healthy and natural part of a relationship.

Focus on what you want your sexual relationship to be, instead of what it already is. This new focus creates your reality.

7. Exercise
No matter what your shape, feeling comfortable in your own skin is a definite turn on. However, regular exercise will increase those love-happy endorphins that will put you in the mood for some lovin’.


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