5 Reasons why you should breakup!

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 5 reasons why you should breakup ! Breaking away from the shackles!! 

Your gut feeling is telling you that you should end your current relationship and that you are heading towards a breakup. The fear of making a mistake or fear of the unknown makes you stall.  Whether you came to realise that you’re not with ‘The One’ or that you are not compatible and you are not loved the way you deserve. Whatever the reason, stop procrastinating and let me give you  5 good reasons why you should breakup. 

Just take care of what inevitably is going to happen sooner or later, better sooner so you give yourself time to heal and move on with your life: Below are five reasons why you should breakup:

 1. The relief is so worth it!

Though ending a relationship or breaking up is awful and a life-changing decision, the relief you feel about the right decision you took will give a sense of peace.  Following your heart will give you a newfound comfort and the strength to move forward.

2.  You can finally move forward because you’ve broken away from the shackles:

Breaking away from the shackles, from the wants and needs of someone else that doesn’t see your interests at heart can be astounding. You’ll be free to do what you want.

Nobody is holding you back to run those 10k, travel across the country, dye your hair black, play games for 8 hours straight or who knows start studying again.

3.  Eventually, you’ll feel proud of yourself

Humans are hardwired to avoid pain and breaking up is painful, but when it is necessary this leap of faith is going to make you stronger, help you grow and make better decisions who you pick as a future partner.

4. You deserve honesty

You can only pretend for so long that you’re happy in your relationship. No matter how hard you try, you cannot change a person and if you are not going to accept to love that person the way they are then walk away.This is an important reason why you should breakup because your relationship is bound to fail.

 5. Healing.

Healing is absolutely wonderful and will change your life forever. You learn to love yourself; gain-self worth and self-respect in order to allow anyone else love you.

Being single is a time of celebration, a time when you get to live life the way you WANT.


Tina Da Silva

Tina is a DailyStar senior writer. She graduated from Edith Cowan University. Writing has always been something she enjoyed. Her positive outlook colours every aspect of her life. Her motto -Life’s too short so get living.

When she’s not busy writing, Tina is exploring the city she adores, running in her local Park every day, drinking an absurd amount of coffee, taking care of an adorable pup, kids and traveling.

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