6 Dating Turnoffs that You May Want to Avoid

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6 Dating Turnoffs that You May Want to Avoid

Heading out on that first date, you must have the right dress on – not too formal, not too casual but just enough to show that you care enough about how you appear to others. You may also want to groom yourself and remove the requisite face hair. It is not that women do not prefer moustaches or beards, but the fact is that kissing someone is bound to be a prickly episode. And above all, you need to review some of the common dating turnoffs that can soon transform a prospective date into something downright uncomfortable. Listed below are 6 dating turnoffs that you may want to avoid.

1. Appearance

While no one expects someone like Clooney is going to turn up for that first date, the woman in question would at least, expect someone with a neat dress on. That’s the bare minimum and you may want to personally groom yourself so that you look good. For example, if you happen to be a regular smoker, then it is highly likely that your teeth would be stained. Or you could have several blemishes on your face. So before heading out on that date, you may want to check in with a dentist or doctor to get the same fixed. Try checking out matchmaker in Sydney as that should help list out the various dating agencies. Register with some of them and you may soon end up with a real date.

2. Bait and Switch

There’s no point in posting a fake picture online in the hopes of snagging a date. So what happens when the woman shows up and sees that you are not all you had claimed to be, starting with the picture. Well, for one thing, it is going to be a real short date and as for a second date, don’t bet on it. No one appreciates a con and not one under these circumstances. Check out some of the tips and dating don’ts by searching Google for matchmaker, Sydney.

3. Avoid Gross Stories

No one likes to hear about blood, gore or how your dog did his number in your living room. If you think the story is amusing and a conversation starter, you are mistaken. This is a dating turn off and one that you need to take seriously. Remember, if you are interested in seeing where the date is going, then you need to do all you can, to make a good first impression.

4. The “I” Factor

The first date is generally about when two people meet for the first time and try to see if they have something in common. First dates are not a soapbox, where you get to drone on regarding your accomplishments and what you do. You may want to pay attention to the other person sitting across the table and try to learn more about her. After all, it shows that you are taking an interest in her and what she does for a living.

5. Do Not Lecture 

Granted that there is a thin line between a passionate speech and a lecture. No one likes to be told what to do or how to behave, especially on a first date. So if you notice your date making a mistake, you may want to let it go rather than read it as an invite for a lecture. 

6. Compliment Your Date

You may be nervous or even anxious but that’s no excuse for forgetting to compliment your date. As you head into your date, you may want to compliment her and let her know how you feel. This should make for a great first step in the general direction and with a few tweaks and adjustments, you may well be on your way to a second date.

Dating Turnoffs are Plenty

You may want to research online and try to learn more about the various turn-offs and what you need to avoid. Make sure that you wear something comfortable, for the date and that does not mean the tux. Just head out in a semi-formal and look forward to having a great time.


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