Backpack Styles for Different Personalities

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Backpack Styles for Different Personalities

There is not one backpack to rule them all. Like just about anything in the world of fashion, backpacks come in all shapes and sizes and styles. They’re not all just the bulk, canvas packs we used almost daily for years at schools. Now, backpacks are more stylistically versatile than ever before, and are worn day and night, on the town, at work and yes, still at school. Nowadays, there are backpack styles for different personalities.

This means you have more options than ever when it comes to selecting an amazing backpack to suit your own personal sense of style  — a style that’s founded on your personality. If you’re looking for a backpack, but want to find one that showcases who you are and what you stand for, read on. Here’s a list of the best backpack styles for different personalities.

1. You’re Posh

Being posh is a state of mind more than anything else, so you don’t rely on your style to speak for you  — your style more or less backs up the cool, aloof confidence you project. This means your backpack needs to be undeniably chic but also subtle. Posh people don’t scream and shout to get attention. Their mere smooth presence demands it. This makes a clean, seamless looking bag with a few uncomplicated embellishments your best bet. Go for solid colours and a sleek design.

Three backpacks



2. You’re Outdoorsy

If you’re always on the go and working up a sweat, go for a robust backpack with a fun and functional look and tons of pockets. You want sturdy straps so your backpack stays firmly on your back, and you also want it to be able to withstand a lot of washing, so a water-resistance polyester is a great pick. You also want a zipper to keep your belongings on board during your running and jumping, and breathable backing to minimize sweat build up. Another thing: padding to keep you comfortable, all day long.

Outdoor backpacks



3. You’re Fun!

Break out the colours and patterns, cause you’re the life of the party! Canvas is a great, natural and durable (and high washable) backpack material for people who are always on the go (and sure, maybe getting into mischief!).

Man with a red backpack



4. You’re Trendy

You’re always on the most recent trends, even before most people even know about them. If this sounds like you, then you need a backpack that is always going to look trendy — unless you really want to be replacing your backpack every season. Opt for a backpack in classic leather or suede (or leather or suede look) in a stunning, but not too loud, colour. Bright yellow and neon blue may be totally in for a season or two, but when they fall out of favour, you’ll be stuck with an expensive backpack you don’t want to be caught dead wearing around. Instead, opt for a colour like pale pink or emerald green or royal purple. These colours are bolder than a classic white, black or grey, but they are less likely to fall out of favour with the fashion gods.

Trendy backpack



5. You’re Studious

At work or at school, you’re all about business. You want your backpack to reflect this, which means you need a design that reflects sense and style. Opt for a backpack with a zippered closing, water-resistant material and a smart, crisp style. This means you want to avoid overly erratic patterns or prints or loud colours. A deep red is a wonderful pick, as is a timeless black, charcoal grey or midnight blue. Also, opt for a backpack with a little structure to help support your belongings. It’ll also just look more crisp and professional than a bag that just hangs of your shoulders.

Of course, no one person is just any single personality. We all have more depth and breadth to ourselves than one of these personality ‘types’ but these ideas so help you choose a backpack that can suit your dominant personality type. Happy shopping!

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