Being Bald Won’t Affect Your Love Life

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Being Bald Won’t Affect Your Love Life

Are you concerned about your hair loss and how it’s going to impact your love life? It turns out you need not worry at all, according to a new survey published by Online Doctor, being bold won’t affect your love life as you previously thought.

This is great news, Considering that two-thirds of men will experience hair loss by age 35 and nearly 85 percent will have significantly thinner hair by age 50, baldness is a trend whether we like it or not.

The perception of baldness may not be as bad you think. Most women aren’t phased by it, and some even think it is sexy.  In a survey of 1,712 people, 798 women and 914 men were asked about their bald-centric dating experiences, and the findings were encouraging for anyone who’s experienced hair loss.

Check the graphics below for the breakdown:


When it comes to dating, baldness doesn’t affect your romance, what ranked first was personality before looks.



Not only are women attracted to your shiny dome, with 54 percent of women in the United States and 41 percent of women in the United Kingdom think bald men are actually pretty attractive.  And also  70% of female participants  – say that hair loss doesn’t come into play in their dating experiences at all.


So if you are a guy going bald or are bald already, time to embrace that shiny, bald head of yours.

 graphics: onlinedoctors

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