How To Stop Sweating So Much

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How To Stop Sweating So Much

With the warmer weather about to start, sweating is one of the aspects of the hot months that we need to get ready for. Whether sweat comes after workouts or after a hard day of work; sweating is your body’s natural way of keeping cool in hot temperatures – but how much perspiration is too much?

Our body is an efficient machine and aside from the armpits, sweat glands can be found in our hands, feet, face, back, chest, and even groin have high concentrations of sweat glands.

Sweating at the gym feels great and rewarding as you know this sweat is the direct result of your burning unwanted pounds. Sweating on a date or at the office? Not so much.

Excessive sweating is a sensitive topic many men prefer not to talk about. Try these five tips to get control of your sweating so you can stay dry for your next big date or that very important business meeting.

1. Use cold water


It might sound very difficult to shower with cold water but as the weather warms up it get easier. If you really want to have a good start to the day and avoid sweat stains, end your shower with cold water. Cold water helps prevent sweating for a longer duration. If you end it with a hot shower, you will notice that already when you are drying yourself, you are sweating again, which works against your problem with trying to stop sweating

2. Breathable clothes


The right choice of fabric for your clothes will certainly help control sweating so make sure your clothes breathe really well  for the dead thick of summer. The best thing you could do for your body when it begins sweating profusely is to allow air to cool off the skin. Cotton being the most popular fabric among men for all the good reasons, it’s breathable and lightweight, and more comfortable, so adopt it. Whether it is your men’s underwear style or your outfits, airy clothing articles are a must.

3. Apply talcum powder


This technique was taught to me by my grandmother when I used to go out and play in the sun. Since then and still today, I have been doing the same to avoid sweat on the body. Make sure that you’re completely dry before powdering.

While using stronger antiperspirant/ deodorant can help, typically, it’s designed just for underarm sweating, and it can also irritate sensitive skin. So what do you do if you sweat a lot in other places on your body, or just want a more natural way to reduce your sweating? Talcum powder is one option.

Talcum powder is the finely milled version of talc, a very soft mineral made of magnesium silicate. It’s an astringent, which means that it causes body tissues to constrict and creates a dry surface. Your junk in summer can get pretty swampy too why not dab a handful of talc. Talcum powder is very absorbent, and also reduces friction and protects your skin from rash and chafing. Keep a small talcum box with you and as soon as you feel that you’re starting to sweat, re-apply it.

And if you also have irritated skin, you might consider using medicated powders that contain ingredients like menthol and zinc oxide, which cool and protect the skin.

With summer just around the corner and going to the beach being a popular pastime you will be surprise to find out that talcum powder can prevent sand from sticking to your feet and hair at the beach. Watch the video below from Howcast.

4. Avoid Spicy Food

Just like caffeine, spices can activate your brain’s neurotransmitters, causing you to sweat more. Avoid those buffalo chicken wings or the  Chicken Vindaloo, these types of hot food trigger your body to think it’s too hot and to start up the sweating response to cool down.

5. Little tricks

The only solution to heal the chafed area (which is a result of sweat and tight clothes rubbing together) is to let it be and not doing anything to make it worse. You can go commando while sleeping with a lot of talcum powder wherever you see chafing. This would allow your body to relax and heal better.

Emotions can stimulate our sweat glands, especially feeling stressed during a job interview, there are things you can do to decrease your anxiety, such as deep breathing or other relaxation techniques, which will decrease the potential stimulation of neurotransmitters that can then stimulate your sweat glands.

With all these steps, you’re sure to avoid sweat in the intimate areas and also allow the parts to heal once chafed because of sweating. However, if changing your diet, wardrobe, and deodorant won’t cut it, speak to a doctor. There are several prescription meds and other treatments available that can help your sweat problem.

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