Best Feng Shui Fashion Style Choices

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Best Feng Shui Fashion Style Choices

Careful changes to our fashion style may affect how we feel and may balance our elements. At least that is the belief behind Feng Shui fashion. This is the latest trend when it comes to fashion and many people are taking a liking to it. Actually, it makes a lot of sense when you look at it.

Best Feng Shui Fashion Style Choices

Feng Shui is the art of balancing things out and draws its origin from making a relationship with shape, colour, and the elements. It is supposed to help you tune yourself with the surrounding you are in. Traditionally, it is used for interior design and most people regard Feng Shui as an art form that helps you balance things in your living area.

Best Feng Shui Fashion Style Choices

Lately, many people have already started using Feng Shui in other different ways. Some people use it to declutter their areas, others see it as a perfect way of landscape design, and people even use it as a way to choose their cars.

Best Feng Shui Fashion Style Choices

Combining Feng Shui with your fashion style actually makes a lot of sense. It goes hand in hand with the way people want to look. You are what you wear and it makes a lot of sense if you want to look good and feel good at the same time. If you manage to balance everything out correctly and set it in the best way possible you will get the well-being you deserve.

So how does one get the synergy of looking good and feeling well? Basically, Feng Shui functions on the premise of the Five Elements theory. Those elements include Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of the given element has its purpose, function, colour, and characteristic. If you successfully mix and match everything together, you stand to get a perfect balance of your style and well-being.

Let’s take Fire for example. Fire is great if you are involved in any social communication activities or when you want to look dramatic. The Fire element is connected with the colour red, purple or orange and involves wearing pointed designs and animals patterns. Shapes are usually form-fitting and angular and the material is satin combined with various shiny textures.

Best Feng Shui Fashion Style Choices

The Earth elements are best suited for any family affairs. If you want to look grounded and stable, then Earth is your element. It means that you will be wearing brown, yellow or terra cotta colours mixed with plaid and checkered patterns. The materials are usually tweed and flannel and should come in boxy shapes.

Next comes Metal. This element is related to looking elegant and should be worn any time you want to stand apart or when you are involved in any cultural activity. The colours connected with metal include white, metallic and pastel and are worn in round and dotty patterns. The shapes that you can wear are curvy shapes in glittery and shiny materials.

People who want to project strength upon others and feel elegant at the same time should use Water. Water is best suited for intellectual, artistic and spiritual activities. Its main colours are black, navy and deep blue and involve the usage of wavy and abstract patterns. The main materials involved are velvet and chiffon in flowing shapes.

Lastly, we have the Wood element. This element should be worn any time you want to feel energized and is best suited for athletic and health-related activities. If you wear wood you wear blue and green colours in vertical patterns and stripes. The fabrics here are cotton and linen coming in columnar shapes.

So as you see, it really does make a lot of sense to use Feng Shui to your advantage in this way. Next time when you have a certain situation and want to look fashionable and feel good at the same time, follow the Feng Shui way. It will make you feel great in your clothes like you are wearing your own skin.

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