Decluttering 101: How to Get Rid of All the Unnecessary Stuff

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Decluttering 101: How to Get Rid of All the Unnecessary Stuff

We all tend to clutter up due to so many different reasons. Clutter is usually made up of stuff we don’t longer need, use, or of things that just don’t belong anywhere in the house but we get somehow attached to it and can’t seem to let go. Decluttering means getting rid of or organizing all that unnecessary clutter, so without further ado, here are some tips on how to reshape your space and clear out the clutter. The reality is; clutter is chaos and you don’t need it in your life. By understanding how clutter affects your life & health and taking action to declutter, you can live a more productive, stress-free life. Here’s a guide to decluttering 101: How to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff.

Delegate the chores

Sometimes it is impossible to do everything in one day and to do it all by yourself. Especially if you have an abundance of clutter pilling up. The best advice is to delegate the responsibilities and cleaning amongst the family members. You can sort out the things in the kitchen. Kids can de-clutter their rooms and the husband can focus on the garage. Since decluttering takes up a lot of time, because you have to double-check whether you need something or not, try dividing that job in a few days.

Recycle or throw away

A great way to get rid of needless things is to have a trash bag in close proximity. From time to time throw the things that you don’t use. You will be surprised how fast you fill the bag because you might have had things that you didn’t use at all. If you happen to find a lot of unused papers, run them through a shredder before discarding them. And then, try to separate the unwanted items and put them in different containers and recycle some of them.

Reshape the living room

Even if you have a lot of things around the house. Your living room where you receive the guests and entertain must be kept neat and organized. Start with sorting out the books and bookshelves. Get some vintage boxes to store some papers and empty the TV shelf form the things that don’t belong there. What is more, if you have some furniture that you wish to be replaced and want to be taken in a secured storage depot, consider hiring home removals who would do that for you, as well as dismantle and re-assemble them if necessary. You can then completely clean the living room and reshape the ambient.


Decluttering 101: How to Get Rid off All the Unnecessary Stuff


Let go of the excess belongings

Cluttering occurs even when we are emotionally attached to certain stuff. By doing that you would only pile up the unwanted things and even get more stressed about that. If you happen to have a broken toaster, outdated microwave, or seven-year-old magazines, then start the decluttering process by throwing that all out. In case that the toaster works, you can give it away as a present, just make sure that people would accept that. All the things that are unused, broken or busted shouldn’t be a part of your household any longer.

Decluttering 101: How to Get Rid off All the Unnecessary Stuff


Cardboard or plastic

The time has come to clear out the extra unused things in your closet, wardrobe or pantry. Where often, you tend to have a lot of things that you think might be used in the future. Get cardboard boxes to store your winter clothes, for instance, or the clothes that are not for that season. Cardboard boxes come in varieties of colours, so they are great for storing kids’ stuff. Put all the toys that they don’t play within them and place in the garage. The same rule goes for the pantry items, but plastic is better there. Use plastic containers that are shatter-proof and a perfect way to store food such as flour, sugar or snacks.

Decluttering 101: How to Get Rid off All the Unnecessary Stuff

Be imaginative

Some people have become “clutter-blind” because they have completely gotten used to seeing clutter all around the house. If you have become accustomed to clutter, there are a few things to do. Firstly, make a list of the stuff that you don’t use, write down the things that you already have in order not to purchase the same item again, play some music and put away anything that was in the wrong place back. Go through each drawer in the bedroom and sort out the things that are utterly worn out and donate them.

Have a strategy

Try to establish a routine in order to weekly do some effective decluttering. Be selective with ornaments and other little stuff. Don’t get hung up, and sort out the non-books items on different shelves. Avoid an overflow of the kitchen utensils, have a place for everything. Next, get a file box to keep the receipts and bills organized. In the bathroom get some vertical risers shelves that can also serve as holders and mirrors.

By doing just a few of these things, you will have absolutely arranged and systematized house without the unwanted clutter in no time.


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