Designing Tips for Modern Outdoor Space

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Designing Tips for Modern Outdoor Space

You don’t have to have billions of dollars and a super modern home to create a modern outdoor space. There are many principles of modern design like clean lines, simple colour palette and raw materials that will do the trick. Modern outdoor space means that it is peaceful and simple yet elegant. Read on for some ideas on designing tips for modern outdoor space.

Define Your Zones

Even though you are designing your outdoor space there are some rules that you want to follow if you want to make it modern. The first thing that will make your outdoor space have a modern feel is to define the zones in it. That way every area will have a purpose and spaces will be separated instead of having one large space. Use trees, shrubs and plants to make corners and borders. One of the most popular ways to make separate areas for relaxing is by placing outdoor rugs under the tables and the dining area. But you don’t want to go overboard with the carpets because you will lose the modern look. 

Incorporate Raw Materials 

The key to having a modern design is to incorporate as many natural raw elements as possible. That also means that you should leave your structural materials, pipes and HVAC systems exposed. If you are building a deck choose low-maintenance composite decking to get the modern look. Try leaving as many materials exposed as possible, because the point of modern design is that form follows function. There is no need for glitz and glam. 

Repetition is The Key

To accomplish the feeling of balance repetition of simple shapes is the best way to design. Try to find ways to use both plants and hardscape in repetitive forms. Create repeating rectangular shapes to create some structure and the feeling of balance in that particular space. 

Leave Some Areas Bare 

The modern design means that they need to have open areas that will act as a place where eyes can rest. If you want a more modern feel in the garden instead of having grass consider putting gravel or turf. Larger areas are great to leave bare and be used as space where you will show off your sculpture, a fountain or a plant that deserves to be a centrepiece.

Simplify Your Color Palette

Another key factor in designing a modern outdoor space is minimising the colours. That way you will create a calm and tranquil space. What most people end up going for are black hardscape elements with white incorporated with greenery instead of colourful flowers. Instead of having all grass make pathways with black pebbles that will match with hardscape elements. 

Plant in Groups 

By grouting large numbers of one type of plants will simplify the design and bring more attention so other arrangements and forms in the outdoor space. Pick one type of plant and make small clusters of them. 

Always Plan for Privacy

Although you want your outdoor space open and exposed you don’t really want to have it exposed so everyone can see into your yard. The best way is to create tall study cement fences or tall landscaping to create privacy. Choose something simple that will not look like it’s a centrepiece and draw attention to it. Your best options are plain wood, brick and stone walls so they don’t clash with other hardscapes. 

The most important thing you need to know when you are designing a modern outdoor space is that you don’t need tons of money to do so. With just the right amount of planning and creativity, you will have your modern outdoor retreat. The emphasis in modern design is on clean, simple and consistent patterns. The modern aesthetic is all about wide-open layouts and exposed structure along with minimalism and simple colours.

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