Dress For Your Body Type

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How to Dress For Your Body Type

As we all know, in order for a woman to be interested in a guy, he first must pass what you call “The Physical Attraction test.” You say that if she’s not physically attracted to him, then the guy is pretty much powerless to raise her Interest Level beyond the dreaded friendship zone. You might as well give up any hope of getting anywhere with a girl if she’s not physically attracted to you, which makes sense.

So what attracts women? What is the Golden ratio? How do we fake it if we don’t have what it takes?

It’s all about the Golden ratio. Its that number that governs our perception of attractiveness in the human form. Your face (the ratio of length to width), upper body (the ratio of shoulder width to the waist) and arms (the ratio of the upper arm to the forearm and hand) should all match up with this magic number. That ratio is said to be 1.61

So what’s a guy to do when he doesn’t quite measure up?

Dress For Your Body Type …

If you have slim shoulders…

Introduce width and bulk to the upper body area. Horizontal stripes, a little extra padding in a suit jacket and an English spread-collar shirt all accomplish that just fine, but be careful. This sweater is how to do a stripe right: The placement is perfect, the banding on the sleeve adds to the illusion and the Fair Isle print is top notch.

If you have a short torso…

Draw the eyes downward. Slightly longer sport coats, vertical stripes and pants with a lower rise add inches to your upper half and literally balance the body from top to bottom. A shapeless shirt or jacket and baggy pants, no matter their pattern or inseam, won’t strengthen your stats. Not tucking in whatever you’ve tossed on top — like a tee, sweater or slim-fit Oxford — will only get you closer to realising the ratio.

If you have a long torso…

Wear pants with a higher rise. It’s a tough thing for most Aussie men to understand (mainly because we tend to trot around in trousers that come nowhere near the waistline).

If you have a narrow face…

Go for glasses that are bigger, broader and tipped at the temple with a decorative detail. A larger frame helps shorten the face, while an extra element on the sides adds width.

If you have a weighty waistline…

Balance it out by broadening your shoulders. Remember: The golden ratio is a proportion, so everything is relative. Even if you’re hauling around some heft, widening your upper half and creating a strong


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