Here Is What Is Expected Of You As A Best Man

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Here Is What Is Expected Of You As A Best Man

Your friend or brother is finally tying the knot, and you have been chosen as the best man. First off, congratulations! Second, it is important to know that you have other responsibilities apart from planning the bachelor party. As the groom’s right-hand man, there is no limit to what you will have or be asked to do by the groom himself. However, all of these roles and responsibilities centre on taking the pressure off the groom, before, during, and after the wedding.

Here is a list of your topmost responsibilities as a best man. We hope it helps to get you well-prepared.

Responsibilities before the Wedding

  • Secure the formal wear of the groom for the wedding as well as other accessories needed for the day. Furthermore, you may be asked to arrange accommodations for groomsmen coming in from distant places. If the wedding is a simple one, you will most likely find the outfits and accessories in a nearby store or online.
  • Plan and execute an exciting bachelor party with the help of other groomsmen. Prepare some entertaining bucks party games that everyone will surely enjoy.
  • Ensure that every attendee shoulders the cost of the party.
  • Ensure that the groom gets all the gifts from the groomsmen.
  • Be a source of moral and emotional support to the groom. You will get several complaints, confessions, and questions from the groom. Be a patient listener and offer advice when necessary. In all, keep reassuring the groom of having a successful outing while helping him stay focused all through.
  • Be present in the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. If you are asked, practice how to make a toast.

Your roles on the wedding day

  • Help the groom to get ready in time for the wedding, as well as the groomsmen. Everyone must be punctual at the venue.
  • Run through the schedule of the ceremony with the groomsmen to ensure that everyone knows their duty, while staying calm, organised, and presentable.
  • Groomsmen must not be on their cellphones, and it is the responsibility of the best man to ensure this.
  • Keep the wedding rings until it is required.
  • Be a witness during the signing of the marriage license.
  • Welcome guests and help them settle at the wedding ceremony.
  • Be an MC or DJ, unless hiring someone for the role, you will need to step up and get the party started. In such a case, start by introducing the most important people, while driving the party forward as expected.
  • Your most important duty, perhaps, is to deliver the first toast to the newlyweds at the reception.
  • Help guests get settled at the reception. Ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.
  • Join the bride, maid of honour, bride’s mother and groom’s mother on the dance floor at the reception.
  • Guests will bring gifts and cards for the couple at the reception. Collect them and keep them safe at the pre-agreed space or location.
  • Get the getaway car ready and fully decorated, with the help of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What’s next after the ceremony?

  • Keep the groom’s wedding clothes safe and secure after he changes out of them.
  • Sort all the wedding-related expenses of the groom. To make things easier for everyone, pay all the vendors in advance or as soon as possible.
  • Make arrangements for transporting the bride and groom to and from the reception.
  • Return all rented tuxes and accessories (if any) in the best condition and on time.

Best of luck with your best man duties and remember to have fun!

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