How Do You Select Solar Panels for Your Caravan?

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How Do You Select Solar Panels for Your Caravan?

You can buy a caravan for the freedom it offers to enjoy your adventure trips. Are you planning to stay in a secluded place without getting anxious about power or do you want to evade the added electricity expenses? Well, investing in a caravan solar system is the best solution! How do you select solar panels for your caravan?

It is simple to install caravan solar panels, which will help generate power to charge your caravan appliances, gadgets and heat the water. That means you don’t require electricity and can go off the grid completely. Some initial investment is needed to install caravan solar panels but the savings it offers is invaluable.

The Different Types of Solar Panels

1. Folding Panels

Folding panels are widely used as they offer convenient storage and portability; they are evolving sensation in the caravanning space. Well, you can carry folding panels around the campsite and a place where there is adequate sunlight.

2. Glass Panels

Glass panels are ideal for residences and commercial space. Typically, this type of caravan solar panels come with a strong frame, mounted to the roof, keeping it safe from extreme weather conditions and theft.

3. Mobile Panels

Mobile panels are flexible and lightweight and can be attached to an arched roof without any mounting brackets. Well, they are a pricier variant and you need to accordingly set a budget for it.

4. Crystalline Panels

Crystalline panels comprise polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Monocrystalline panels are the most resourceful; thus, pricier. Conversely, you’ll require a bigger polycrystalline panel to produce the same level of energy produced by a monocrystalline panel.

5. Thin Film Panels

Thin-film panels are made by spraying a thin layer of semiconductor material onto another surface. These panels last around ten years. Nonetheless, researches across the world are attempting to enhance its longevity. These thin-film panels are the most affordable option.

Caravan Solar System

A caravan solar system comprises solar panels, inverter, regulator and battery. Caravan solar systems turn sunlight into DC electricity to charge the battery. The regulator controls the right charging without any damage from overcharge or emancipation. The battery collects and keeps electricity and can power appliances that need DC power. The inverter changes the energy for AC appliances.

How to Select the Right Solar Panel

First, you need to understand your energy needs then you can determine the right caravan solar system. Knowing how long your caravan battery will endure with your normal use of appliances is an excellent beginning point. Else, you may start with a fully-charged battery, remain away from electric assemblages and use your caravan normally to evaluate the power usage. For instance, if you have a 200 aH (amp-hour) battery that persisted for a two-day trip, your power requirement is 100 aH per day on average. Thus, you’ll need to select a solar panel that can render 100 aH of power per day.

Selecting the right solar panel is the next thing. Well, you can select from crystalline, mounted, flexible and thin-film panels based on your caravan type, what you need in a solar panel and your budget.

Finally, you need to make provision for the installation costs. The different types of caravan solar panels also require proper installation, which will add up to the overall costs if expert installation is required.

What Are the Advantages of the Caravan Solar System?

  • Caravan solar system is environmentally-friendly, sustainable and curtails the impact of fossil fuel.
  • Allows you the capability to travel wherever your heart long for.
  • It is free from all electrical assemblages.
  • Fetches higher resale value for your caravan.
  • Solar panels are capable of generating clean energy for a minimum of 25 years with minimal upkeep. It can provide you with big savings.
The Bottom Line

You’ll need to invest your time and would require some expert advice as well, to select the right solar panel for your caravan. Make sure that the solar panel is resilient to mechanical impact, resistant to high temperatures and withstands shading.

Above everything, the solar panel system should work seamlessly for you. Undoubtedly, caravan solar panels are offering a better touring experience to the Aussies with improved comfort, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Have you decided to install a caravan solar system yet?

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