How to Be Pretty – 10 Tips to Look More Attractive

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How to Be Pretty – 10 Tips to Look More Attractive

Even though beauty is a relative concept and diverse people find different aspects more attractive and appealing than others; there are certain things regarding our looks that all people share. When it comes to feeling attractive, first you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. To feel comfortable in your own skin, you should understand that beauty comes from inside out. Being attractive is not about wearing designer clothes and shoes, putting on a lot of makeup and visiting the hairdresser every day. It’s about simple, basic things which we’ll cover in this article. First of all, you should focus on the basics, such as getting plenty of sleep, practising good hygiene and developing a skincare routine. Then, there are other important aspects of our physical looks such as hair, nails, clothes, makeup, smile and accessories for completing a look. One of the first tips to boost self-confidence is to feel good about yourself and the way you look. How to be pretty – 10 tips to look more attractive.

1.  Get plenty of sleep

One of the first things you should pay attention to when speaking about looking more attractive is getting your beauty sleep – the phrase merely justifies itself. Getting plenty of quality good night’s sleep is vital for cell regeneration, a more youthful and radiant look as well as skin. When we sleep, our bodies use this time to recharge and restore the energy we spend every day.

2.  Practice good hygiene

It’s implied that good hygiene should be a priority. For a flawless look and general image, you should make sure to keep your hygiene at high levels. That means regularly taking baths or showers, washing your face and hands and always smelling nice and fresh. Nobody likes seeing or spending time around a sloppy person when it comes to hygiene!

3.  Take care of your hair

Hair is one of the most essential feminine aspects and as such we should really take good care of it. For starters, if you live in Australia, you should visit an organic hair salon in Sydney, or any other Australian city for the most optimal as well as healthiest hair treatments. Keep it clean, neat and trimmed at all times, and try some hairstyles when you’re in the mood.

4.  Develop a skincare routine

Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy lifestyle, and it instantly makes a person prettier and more attractive. You should take really good care of your skin by developing a skincare routine for the morning and evening. You should always remove makeup before going to sleep with mild micellar water, clean it with a gentle cleanser and moisturize it. From time to time, you should also exfoliate it.

5.  Pay attention to your nails

Even though they might seem like a small, irrelevant aspect of our looks, nails are indeed key for the full sleek look. You don’t have to go to the salon if you don’t want to, you can take care of your nails on your own as well. However, going to the salon really kicks your nail look up a notch, and not to mention that it’s very practical.

6.  Wear your actual size and dress appropriately

When it comes to clothes choice, you should wear your actual size as it looks much better than squeezing into a smaller size. Also, you should dress appropriately for the occasion.

7.  Put on some makeup

A little makeup can do a lot for your overall looks. This is just for enhancing some of the features you have. For instance, you should fill in your brows, put on some mascara, some soft bronzer and blush as well as a neutral or some soft colour lipstick.

8.  Take care of your teeth and smile

Teeth add to our looks considerably. Make sure that you visit your dentist regularly and deal with any issues promptly. You could also consider some aesthetical improvements for a nicer and brighter smile.

9.  Iron your clothes

Never leave your home in wrinkled clothes – it’s just not attractive. Make sure that you iron all of your clothes before heading out to some casual outing or a professional meeting.

10. Don’t forget to accessorize

The complete look comes with the details it entails. Consider putting on some jewellery, a watch, a scarf, or some other accessory that will enhance your look.

Making some small changes to your lifestyle can make you look and feel prettier and more attractive in just a few simple steps.


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