Is Getting A Nose Job Worth it? 

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Is Getting A Nose Job Worth it?

A nose job or Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries done by plastic surgeons. It is considered to be the most complicated plastic surgery among all. Due to the advanced development of technology and equipment types, the success rate of rhinoplasty is high. Is getting a nose job worth it? Why

Reasons to have a nose job

There are many reasons why rhinoplasty is used. Some have it due to a breathing problem or due to an accident. Some have it to enhance their nasal aesthetics.

Many people are not sure if they should have a nose job or not. Most of them are very afraid of getting a nose job as it is a hazardous surgery. There were many failed surgeries in the past time, but with the advancement of the technology and experience of the surgeon, now the failure rate is meagre, and the surgeon is doing a great job.

The surgeries are not at all painful as the surgeon gives anaesthesia to the patients. The surgeons will tell you about any pain issue that might occur. A good surgeon will ensure you are fully informed, involved in the decision making and comfortable with the planned outcome. The patients are given painkillers after the surgery to prevent other pain issues and reduce the swelling after the surgery.

Cost vs benefits

Some people can afford the surgeries, but some try to have lost cost surgery. It is advised not to have a cheap surgery as that might not be safe. It would be best if you had a competent and experienced surgeon for a successful surgeon. Therefore, if you can afford an ethical and professional surgeon, go for it, but do not risk choosing a surgeon just for a low price.

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There are many hospitals globally where surgeries are done. Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico are considered to be the best place for rhinoplasty.

The right age to have a nose job surgery; around 18 years old is the average minimum age for both males and females. It is not recommended to have a nose job before this age as the facial bones are still growing. Rhinoplasty should only be done when the facial bones are done growing so the surgery has a better success rate.

What precautions must be taken?

The nose has a powerful effect on our facial appearance. It takes careful attention to detail and experience to perform rhinoplasty.  The surgeon must be able to understand the structure of your nose and critically listen to what you want.

Nose jobs now are safe and with a high success rate. Plastic surgeons must make sure the changes in the nose suit the face. Most importantly, a good surgeon will get it right the first time. Leaving you with the desired changes to the size, shape, balance and proportion of your nose.

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