Popular Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

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Popular Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

Is it time for your bathroom to get a makeover? If it is, that’s great news! Nowadays, a bathroom isn’t just that one room in your home you go to because you have to. These days, people spend as much time decorating their bathrooms as they do their living rooms and kitchens, and that’s because plenty of them see their bathroom as a place to relax and spend some time all by themselves. If you want to make your new bathroom beautiful and interesting, there are some amazing tips for a trendy 2017 bathroom.

It’s all about the tiles

Bathroom tiles and 3 bath balls

It’s a fact that when we think about bathrooms, the first thing that comes to mind are the tiles: their colour and size; whether they’re patterned or textured; are they elegant, rustic, or playful; is there only one colour with different details or a couple of colour combinations. Definitely the most popular trend this season are black-and-white retro tiles for floor and subway or metro tiles for walls. So in case you like a simpler design and like to avoid colour, a black-and-white combination on your floor is just the thing for you. As for subway tiles, whose name comes from the fact that they can historically be found in underground, metro or subway stations, they come in a variety of colours as well as price ranges so all you have to do is take your pick and create a super trendy bathroom.


Storage is needed no matter what room comes in question and the same goes for the bathroom. The first thing to consider when it comes to storage is the size of the bathroom. In order to avoid making a small bathroom even more crowded is best to choose minimalistic cabinets with simple knobs and clean lines. In order to add a certain style to your bathroom, you can add a vintage vanity to create a timeless feel to your bathroom. Not only does it add extra storage space to your bathroom, it will also add a luxurious feel as go through your morning makeup routine.

A relaxing corner


Bath tub with a white towel hanging by one side

There is nothing better than enjoying a nice hot shower or bath after a long hard day. So creating a special corner to relax in, might be the most important part when designing your bathroom. In case you enjoy showering more, the trend this season is French door shower enclosures. However, in case you really love to linger and relax in your bathroom, a freestanding bath is just the thing for you. Not only are these types of tubs simply gorgeous seeing as you can choose from a variety of styles like a vintage claw-foot type or something more modern, they’ll give you the perfect chance to soak and enjoy some time in peace and quiet.

Don’t forget to decorate

Just because it’s the bathroom it doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any art to make this space even more interesting and nice. You can put in some quirky wall art or something else to add a personal touch to your bathroom. Plants are another trend that is becoming more and more popular. Not only do they add some beautiful colour to the usually neutral space, but they really do help relax considering they’ll purify the air if you buy the right kinds. Something else to consider is kicking out the same old bath mat and simple random mirror everybody else has. Instead, put in some unusual throw rugs to upgrade the space and some round mirrors to soften up the usually hard lines found in a bathroom.

Bathroom decoration


No matter what the size of your bathroom, there are always some amazing decoration ideas out there. So, instead of going to your bathroom only when you have to, why not make it so fabulous you’ll want to spend all your time there.

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