Revolights Making Bikes Visible

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Revolights Making Bikes Visible

Last year, Revolights launched a product to make the roads safer for bike riders and drivers alike. By putting narrow rings of LED lights onto bike wheels giving riders 360 visibility. The company is now improving this product with their Eclipse+ system. Revolights are making bikes visible to fight one of the biggest problems for bike commuters.

What is then the improvement?  While their first project increased visibility as well as light signalling for when bikes slowed down. The Eclipse+ system will also provide handle bar activated signals for turning.

It has also added Bluetooth connectivity to enable awesome new features through the new Revolights App. While the App is still in development once available you’ll be able to track your rides. You’ll also be able to check your battery life and remotely turn on/off the lights. By sensing the time of day, your lights can also automatically turn on when you need light, like when you are about to ride at night or when the sun is setting.

The good news is that the project is already fully funded and soon riding your bike at night is going to be a lot safer. This will be released in mid-2016.


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