Summer is Coming! Prepare Your Yard With These Easy Steps

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Summer is Coming! Prepare Your Yard With These Easy Steps

The greatest tip for keeping your yard looking good throughout the summer is all in the lawn care techniques you carry out during the spring. When you start early in the year you will create a lawn that isn’t affected by the sun, pests, weeds or foot traffic. 

Prepare your Lawn Mower

Summer is Coming! Prepare Your Yard With These Easy Steps- dog and owner in the garden

Even though the wet and snowy weather during winter is a great excuse not to mow the lawn, when the sun comes out and starts melting and drying snow on your lawn, it is time that you prepare your lawn for the summer. If you want your lawn to look amazing. The key thing is to trim the grass once a week during spring and twice a week during the summer. It is better to do regular low-level maintenance and having a beautiful yard. Instead of having time-consuming fixes when it gets out of control. 

Declutter the Yard

One of the important steps in preparing your yard for summer is to have it be clean and decluttered. For many people, especially families that have children, your yard often becomes full of things that you don’t need or use. When it starts getting nice and warm take the time to pick up everything that is not supposed to be in the yard. But if you are too busy or just need help to do it, hire The Junkman or anyone who can help you deal with the mess. 

Aerate Your Lawn

It is extremely important that you aerate your lawn. It will allow oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the grassroots easier. This will help the root system be healthy which will lead to having a healthy and lushes yard. This is best to do in autumn if you have cool-season grass. If you live in a place where warm-season grass grows better, it is best that you aerate during spring. You should aerate your lawn every 1 to 3 years depending on how much you walk on it.

Remove all the Moss and Weeds

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning moss because it thrives in wet shaded conditions. Long sunny days make great conditions for those weed infestations. Therefore, during late spring you need to be on top of these pesky invaders. To stop them from spreading and ruining the look of your yard. 

Patch Up the Existing Gaps

If your yard has poor drainage it can lead to your lawn becoming patchy and sparse during the winter months. If you had to remove big patches of moss and weeds there will be gaps that you need to fill in. In order to patch up the gaps, you need to break up the surface and rake it. Then make an even surface before putting down the seeds, then rake to get the seeds on to the surface. If the weather is dry for 2 or 3 days after, you need to water it gently and grass should appear after 10 days.

Fertilize Your Grass

For fertilizing you will need a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that you should spread during the springtime when you see the first signs of it becoming vibrant. If you aren’t that pleased with the look of your yard you can fertilize again in late summer. Fertilizer application should be scaled back about 30 days before peak summer temperatures.

Set Up A Sprinkler System So You Have Consistent Watering

Summer is Coming! Prepare Your Yard With These Easy Steps

Your back yard needs a good amount of water to survive throughout the summer. Even if you live somewhere that has a lot of rain. Natural moisture is sometimes not enough to keep your lawn beautiful and luscious on its own. A  great way to make sure that your yard is being properly watered every day, without walking around with a hose. Set up a sprinkler system.

For many people, their yards are their most prized possession. Because your yard is where you come to relax and have fun with your family. These are some simple tips that can help you prepare your yard for summer. So that with just a small amount of maintenance, your lawn will remain healthy and vibrant during the summertime. 


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