Things You Should Know About Online Gaming

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Things You Should Know About Online Gaming

Online Gaming is the most prominent mode of entertainment in today’s world of the Internet. It is also increasingly becoming a medium to stay connected with friends as well as making new ones. Online gaming may be new to many of our readers. With this in mind, we will look at various types of online gaming available that people of all ages can enjoy and play. In addition, we will also discuss some ways to make online gaming a safe option for entertainment. What follows is a list of things you should know about online gaming. From the organisations that assign the classification and rating of games, to safety and the types of games available.

Different Online Games classification

The organisation known as ESRB is responsible to assign content and age ratings to consumer video games. It’s responsible to assign several classifications for the online games available.

Digital Downloadable Games

These are games that are being downloaded directly on to the consoles, PC or any other gaming device. Many consoles do have their own online marketplace from where players can buy the games even at discounts not available at the stores.

Mobile Downloads

Nowadays smartphones and tablets have facilitated its users to download gaming apps linked via credit card or e-wallets. Such as the Google Play Store or the Apple’s App Store, where users can play on their hand-held devices anytime and anywhere. This is thanks to the availability of Wifi at public spots in most cities around the world. Several games have currencies such as RS Gold or dollars which accumulate when a particular mission/level is being completed that can modify existing items in the game or get new characters or items in the games to play with.

Free Games

These games are available on different platforms such as Play Store and App Store. These games are free because they are supported by ads. These ads do run in the middle of the games, a category called ‘freemium games’ a form of monetising the game, which helps finance game developers. Similarly, there are freemium games that do allows players to play until a certain level. If they desire to continue to play they must pay to be able to access the rest of the content.

 Social Networking Games

On several social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, games such as Candy Crush and Criminal Case can be played. These games encourage users to share the contents and updates from the games on their social network account. Players can buy in-game items, rewards players with bonuses and rewards that can be redeemed to buy new items or characters in a game. In turn, these social sites use the player’s personal information to change the experience and show advertisements catered to their interests.

Games Subscription

There are several online games available that do let users create an account and pay a certain amount of time as the subscription fee to play the game. Subscribing to an online game means that the game is straight away on the device you intend to play the game.

Tips for both Children and Parents for a Good Online Gaming Experience


  • Try to understand the game your children are playing. Make sure it is appropriate for their age. Several online games can help children improve several skills such as hand-eye coordination, strategy planning and many more.
  • Place Parental controls on their consoles or add features in apps that require your permission before your child can proceed with downloading the game.
  • Set time boundaries and try to explain to them that games are for entertainment and make sure that other activities are not been negatively affected due to the same.
  • Be careful of in-game purchases and remove the credit card details from the game once the purchase has been done.


  • If any player gets into any indecent act with you in a game, you may remove him from the game and consult with a responsible adult about the game. Block a player if you are uncomfortable playing with. Avoid using real names as your game’s character when you are multiplying with strangers.
  • Make sure that your device is clean; Malware or viruses do affect computers and they can enter via a game you might have downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, run regular cleanups on the device using anti-virus or anti-malware software. Use Internet Protection when playing live stream games.
  • Protect your personal information by saving the games using strong passwords and setting up privacy settings.

Online gaming is here to stay. So, keeping yourself informed about it may help you, other kids and other parents. Most importantly it’ll allow you to make better decisions that will help your kids enjoy an exciting gaming experience safely.

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