Time for a New Avatar? Gift Yourself a Pleasant Makeover This Season!

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Time for a New Avatar? Gift Yourself a Pleasant Makeover This Season!

Change is beautiful! Agree with this? Well, then why not gift yourself this beautiful change? Are you thinking we are talking Greek? Actually not! Sometimes you just don’t get fed up with watching the same things around you, day after day, but you also dread staring at the same image in the mirror month after month! Not that we are saying you have turned boring, but it’s good to give yourself a transformation every now and then – a new avatar has never hurt anyone! In fact, on the contrary, it may boost your confidence and feel good factor manifold. Is it time for a new Avatar? Gift yourself a pleasant makeover this season! 

But the question is how can you give yourself a transformation by being in the same skin and flesh? No, we aren’t suggesting you go for plastic surgery, but here’s something more doable, exciting, beautiful and (not to forget) easier way out. It’s something you could spruce up each passing season, stay in trend, and look better and beautiful.

The easiest ways to get a pleasant transformation this season!

Ok, so the season is changing and you desire a new you too? Well, it’s pretty easy.  Just follow the below steps and get the change you desire!

  • Go colourful

So if you want a huge transformation in your look with a change in hairstyling, just contact Exquisite Bridal Hair, a hairdresser in Sydney who can turn your look topsy-turvy just by toying with your tresses – be it cut, colour, style or any other new hair related trend that you may like to try. A change in hair colour can bring a massive transformation to how you look. Colour your hair to a new shade and enjoy as people gawk at the effects of your experimentation. So, if you are blonde, why not try a shade of red. Or if you love multiple colours and couldn’t single out one, go for all of them together in streaks on your hair. The result would be a new you – bold and beautiful.

  • Get the cuts

Haircuts have the power to make and break a look. Simply with a smart haircut, you can change your entire demeanour. You can go for graduated bobs to perky pixies, from long and layered styling to choppy messy fun look. Or you could mimic your favourite movie star. Make sure you go to an experienced stylist who can suggest a cut that shall frame your face and structure beautifully.

  • Reshape your brows

Your brows are the most impactful part of your features and therefore can change your look wonderfully if you try and reshape them. You can make it thinner, arching, rounded or distinctly joint (like wings of a butterfly). Best part? You may not stick to one for long. Eyebrows need trimming pretty frequently, and if you are uncomfortable with your new look, you can always try another or change back to the original.

  • Pump your volume of lashes

Your lashes can enhance your look largely. Aestheticians can offer treatments to increase their volume. Then you may demurely bat your lashes to your heart’s content.  

  • Exfoliate your skin or get it tanned

Even your skin’s glow or tan can bring out a new you. You can exfoliate your skin at a spa of your choice and enjoy the supple baby like feel. How about hitting the beach or a tanning parlour to get a healthy tan?!. Whichever way you go, take care so that your hair colour gels with your skin tone and eye colour.

The change shouldn’t at all be underestimated. Seasonal transformations are actually refreshing and can make you look (and feel) more attractive and spectacular. So why not gift yourself some self-indulgence?!


Eada Hudes is an Arts student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics.

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