Tips Before Starting Yoga Classes

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Tips Before Starting Yoga Classes

Starting yoga classes can be a little daunting. While you may be excited to get started and enjoy the many benefits offered by yoga. You may be unsure what to expect. So, here we’ll offer some tips to help you before you start yoga classes.

Invest in Yoga Socks

Traditionally, yoga is practised barefoot, but many people feel a little uncomfortable being barefoot in public. You won’t want to wear shoes, even lightweight trainers, as it could compromise some of the poses. However, yoga socks make a great compromise. These are special socks with non-slip grips to grab your yoga mat and prevent your feet from slipping. Yoga socks are relatively inexpensive, but they could help you to feel comfortable and confident during your first class.

Ask About Rental Mats

If you’re planning your first class, you may not necessarily need to buy a yoga mat. Most yoga studios provide mats for a dollar or two, so it’s worth asking when you enquire about the class. Once you’ve been to a class and decided that you’d like to continue, you can invest in a mat, so you can practice at home and bring your own mat to class. Although it may be tempting to choose a low-cost mat, it is more worthwhile to buy a high-quality mat. A well made and supportive mat offers long-term durability and excellent traction, which can make all the difference in a class or practice. So, you could hire a mat for your first couple of classes until you’re ready to make an investment.

Familiarise Yourself With Beginner Poses

All the poses can feel a little overwhelming for beginners, but the internet has made it easier to research the common, beginner poses. This will help you to feel more familiar with them when the instructor cues them in your class. While you don’t need to practice in advance, reading through the names and looking at some pictures will help you to get an idea of what you’ll be doing.

Avoid a Heavy Meal Before Your Class

Before you start a class, you may feel a little hungry, but avoid eating a heavy meal. As you start moving around, everything will get churned up, and this may lead to you feeling sick. It is far better to have a light snack and avoid your stomach being too full. Stick to a piece of fruit or a granola bar an hour before your class, so you can avoid feeling sick and not fully enjoying the class.

Arrive Early to Warm Up

While warm-ups are incorporated into each class, there are some warm-up poses that will help you to feel more relaxed before the class. If you arrive early, it will also provide an opportunity to touch base with the instructor to settle any nerves you may be feeling.

If you’re interested in yoga studio in Melbourne, you should speak to us. We offer yoga classes to suit all skill levels including beginners. You’ll also find the Kaya Health team ready to answer any of your queries to help you feel more comfortable during your first class.

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